Advances In Management

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Advances In Management

Vol. 1(1) April 2008

Youth Aspirations for Retail Environment in India: An Exploratory Study

Chaudhuri Ranjan and Verma Sanjeev

Standing on the threshold of a retail revolution and witnessing a fast changing retail landscape, India is all set to usher in the phenomenon of experiential retail marketing. A vibrant economy, India tops A T Kearney's list of emerging markets for global retailers. With escalating consumerism, unprecedented awareness, and a youth – heavy consumer base, India is the “Promised Land” for National and International retailers. This paper, through a questionnaire survey focuses on the major determinants of youth aspirations for retail environment in Indian metropolises. Factor analysis and perceptual differences between young male and female shoppers towards determinants of customer satisfaction for retail outlets were also carried out. We conclude by proposing that, retailers need to see youth segment in India as possessing real market potential and will have to consider the psyche of youth segment in India, satisfying the youth segment as well as reaching them to expand the retail horizon in India.

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Factors in HR (Human Resources) Outsourcing

Mishra Jitendra M. and Mishra Ram

While outsourcing is a powerful tool to cut costs, improve performance and refocus on core competencies, outsourcing initiatives often fall short of management’s expectations. What factors should HR manager in the Health organization or other business organization consider before contracting with a vendor to perform an activity previously performed by the organization? Organizations usually decide to outsource HR activities based on three reasons: cost, service, and expertise. An organization may decide to outsource a function because it would reduce costs to the organization, but should this be the only criteria for outsourcing? The purpose of this paper is to analyze and discuss factors in Human Resource outsourcing.

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Optimal Quota/Bonus Plans with Explicit Consideration of the Trade-off Between Salesperson Effort and Leisure Time

Hanna Richard C.1, Collins Cathleen M.2, Berger Paul D.3 and Weinberg Bruce D.4

There have been several analyses of optimal sales-force compensation plans. Most of these have focused on commission rates, others have focused on quotas and a few have touched on both methods of a company’s optimizing compensation plans. A mainstay of many of these optimization plans has been that the salesperson chooses to maximize his/her income (or “expected income” or “certainty equivalent of income,” depending on assumptions about the roles of uncertainty and attitude toward risk) over a single-period or multi-period setting. However, numerous studies have found that most salespeople do not choose solely to maximize income. Instead, they prefer to trade-off leisure time against work time. In this study, we develop a model to optimize from a firm’s perspective what a firm should offer a salesperson in terms of a bonus, and the quota that needs to be met to receive the bonus, which explicitly captures (and, in a sense, “overcomes”) the value of leisure time to the salesperson and the role it plays in the salesperson’s time allocation decision. An illustrative real-world example and sensitivity analysis are included

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Spirituality and Work Motivation

Biswas Saswata Narayan

In this research, the multidimensionality of spirituality and its relationship with dimensions of intrinsic motivation (e.g. competence, autonomy) among service sector managers in India was investigated. The survey included 150 managers drawn from service sector organizations like banking, insurance and transport sectors. They were administered a questionnaire containing measures of spirituality, competence, autonomy. Apart from this demographic in formation on age, salary level, level in the organization and years of work experience were also collected from the participants. The multidimensionality of spirituality was confirmed through factor analysis, which resulted in four clear and meaningful factors, such as; faith in God, meditation, belief that life is full of suffering and pain and belief in Good Karma. Belief in Good Karma and suffering & pain emerged as significant predictors of autonomy and competence respectively.

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The Role of Perceived Usefulness, Perceived Ease of Use, Security and Privacy and Customer Attitude to engender Customer Adaptation in the Context of Electronic Banking

Jahangir Nadim and Begum Noorjahan

This research intends to propose a conceptual framework that will investigate the effects of perceived usefulness, ease of use and security and privacy on customer adaptation mediated through customer attitude in the context of e-banking. To test the framework, structural equation modeling techniques have been applied to data collected from 227 customers of private commercial banks in Bangladesh. Primarily this study aims to test the theoretical models to measure the causality whether perceived usefulness, ease of use, security and privacy, and customer attitude can foster customer adaptation. The initial results of the study indicate that perceived usefulness, ease of use, security and privacy and customer attitude are significantly and positively related to customer adaptation. Implications for practicing managers and for future research are discussed.

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Newly Proposed Scheme for Scientific Project Management based on Input/Output Assessment and Check List Methodology

Al -Salem S.

In this article, a scientific project management scheme that can be used in research oriented sectors is shown and is discussed based on case studies and real life trails. The scheme is based on project assessment as an initial step whilst evaluating project input and expected output. A check list was developed and used on a number of current and finalized scientific projects. This method was applied on different types of projects ranging from scientific projects based on contacts and literature reviews to applied research in the mainstream of R&D. Successful results were obtained and an increase in efficiency of the staff work was noticed over the course of this study.

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Wal-Mart: Some Questionable Practices

Augsburger Jillian and Mishra Jitendra

Wal-Mart„s trademark slogan “Always low prices, Always”, has made it the largest retailer and the second largest corporation. Wal-Mart was founded by Sam Walton in 1962. Wal-Mart has been greatly criticized for its effects on the following: labor, economics, employee benefits and environment. The paper discusses the use of illegal immigrants, child labor violations, employee benefits, environment and makes some recommendations.

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