Advances In Management

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Advances In Management

Vol. 1(4) July 2008

An Integrated Model of Organization Performance

Letzler Elizabeth A. and Kopelman Richard E.*

We develop and test a model of organization performance that incorporates both the key functions identified by Simon26 and the input-output paradigm. Specifically, we posit that three distinct capabilities mediate relationships between three sets of management practices—customer, employee and enterprise directed and organization performance. Structural equation modeling analyses were performed using a sample of employees from organizations of all types. Data demonstrated sizable and significant links am-ong practices employed, corresponding capabilities, and organization performance (R2 = .59, a large effect size). With refinements, this model may have practical utility, providing managers a tool to diagnose and intervene effectively to improve organization performance.

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Human Resources Management Theory & Practice: The Impact on Modern Organizations

Polychroniou Panagiotis V.

This study investigates the relationship between human resources management theory and practice in modern organizations. Critical attention is given to human resources management (HRM) practices and their impact on employee motivation and organizational outcomes. Some implications of the study are discussed including the need to design organic HRM systems that promote the development of a human capital pool possessing a broad range of skills and that are able to engage in a wide variety of behaviour. Moreover, HRM practices such as profit-sharing systems, employee participation in performance appraisal, job rotation and employment security are related positively with important measures of organizational performance and promote flexibility in a dynamic and unpredictable environment.

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Multivariate Analysis in Market Research

Mall Sunita

In the present scenario of globalization consumer satisfaction has become an important aspect to the manufacturers and the retailers as well. It is very essential to explore the hidden attributes that affect the consumer buying behavior which ultimately helps the manufacturer and the retailer to adopt and change the system accordingly. In this paper the importance of factor analysis and discriminant analysis in defining the consumer buying behavior is discussed with statistical framework. This paper focuses on two multivariate techniques like factor and discriminant analysis and their uses especially in the market research.

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An Empirical Study on Fiscal Fitness of Indian Automobile Industry: Application of Altman’s ‘Z’ score.

Janaki Ramudu P.* and Sangeetha D.

The financial health plays a significant role in the successful functioning of a firm. An attempt has been made in the present study to have an insight into the examination of financial health of the automobile companies in India. To evaluate the financial conditions and performance of companies, this study uses Z-score model which captures the predictive viability of the companies financial health by using a combinati-on of financial ratios that ultimately predicts a score which can be used to determine the financial health of the companies. The study concludes that all the sample companies’ overall financial health were too healthy.

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Job Attitudes of the Teachers in Higher Education

Murugaiah V. and 2Ishwara P.

Teaching is a noble and an extraordinary complex activity involving a range of skills, perceptions, attitudes, knowledge and sensitivity. Thus, teachers must be more than mere technical or subject experts. A teacher's growth is reflected in his or her attitude, philosophy, values, belief and interests. Moreover, teachers altitudes depend on their attitude towards teaching profession. Attitudes of teachers are very important because they affect job behavior. The quality of education depends on the quality and attitude of the teachers towards teaching profession.

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Paradox of Merger Theories; Evidences from US and UK

Mohapatra Jayanta Kumar

Mergers, acquisitions and takeovers or any form of “business combination” have always been sort of an enigma in the “Theory of the Firm”. Past research has only partial success in relation to the causes of the merger and their consequences to economic theory. Recent increase in the consolidation activity seems to present a further challenge to traditional economic theory since such a high percentage is of conglomerate nature. Despite the vulnerability of this process and its profound influence on stakeholders, corporate structure and the economy, our knowledge on the motives and effects of merger is spotty and disagreement persists regarding what the existing evidence shows. Therefore an attempt has been made to investigate the major economic and behavioral motives for mergers and their consequences by examining their impact on shareholder return, managerial benefits and the profitability of the firm.

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E-Detailing Possibilities for Physicians unwilling to meet Medical Representatives: A Study of Indian Physicians

Jha Ajeya*, Munjal Sonia and Jha Aditi

Many a times physicians do not want to meet medical representatives because they think it as waste of time and energy. Medical representative visits the physicians to update the knowledge and to explain the recent trends in pharmaceutical industries. Electronic Detailing is a new concept in sale of medicines. Sooner it will be accepted by physicians all over the world.

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Ecological Management in the Catchments Area – A Study of Indira Sagar Dam

Malhotra Gunjan

Water is one of the essential parts of livelihood. The vagaries of the monsoon climate, uneven distribution of rainfall in the country (India), few rainy days in the year all have resulted into imbalance in the demand and supply of water. Oversized population and fast growing economy have further increased the demand of water for irrigation, industrial use and domestic uses. All these have motivated the Government of India to develop large hydro power dams on different river basins of the country. The present paper is based on regression analysis in the catchments area management of Indira Sagar dam on Narmada River Basin on the forest degradation, irrigation pattern and soil degradation; the irrigation pattern in the catchments area; agricultural productivity differentials in the catchments area of big dams. The study reveals that the catchments area of Indira Sagar dam is not showing any response on the forest coverage. The results support that the poor catchments

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Stress ? Rule it !

Brindha G.R.* and Umamaheswari P.

Survival of the Fittest is the theory of this century because it is 100% true that one can survive only when he/she keeps running with the upcoming necessities. But, it is obvious for Human beings to lose their control and balance when their duties get dumped over. In this fast world, this imbalance that is stress is applicable to all of us. Stress is a psychological and physiological unevenness that arises owing to the load positioned over a person and the person’s failure to convene this load. This article widely covers the various ways of overcoming stress in life and how to rule stress before it rules us.

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