Advances In Management

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Advances In Management

Vol. 1(2) May 2008

Crisis Management: A Survey of West Michigan Managers

Mishra Ram and *Mishra Jitendra M.

Crisis is a normal part of personal and corporate life. It can happen to any one at any time. The unexpected do happen. And yet some companies/some people act as if nothing will happen to them. A crisis management survey was sent to 420 public and private organizations in the west Michigan area that employ 50 or more individuals. Our overall response rate was 42.2%. The primary objective of this survey was to sample attitudes and perceptions of west Michigan managers toward crisis management. While crisis management planning (CMP) cannot prevent every crisis, the crisis management planning (CMP) can teach/prepare an organization how to use prodomal crisis/pre-crisis stage into crisis resolution stage and cope more effectively with whatever does occur. This paper outlines a practical six step approach in improving organizational crisis-preparedness. The less vulnerable an organization thinks it is, the fewer crises it prepares for; as a result, the more vulnerable it becomes. The reverse is also true. The more vulnerable an organization thinks it is, the more crises it prepares for; as a result, the less vulnerable it is likely to be Strategic management.

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Business Excellence and HR Utilization – The Rhetoric and the Reality

Vouzas Fotis

The aim of this paper is to theoretically investigate Human Resource Utilization element of the EQA Business Excellent framework. The main aim is to know about organizations that had been awarded with the European Quality Award (EQA) which utilize the company’s human resources through the introduction of new and innovative forms of human resources management policies and practices and to know what is the impact of the implementation of these policies and practices to overall organizational performance. According to our data, there is a tendency and a willingness of the majority of the organizations to move towards a more “strategic” approach to the management of Human Resources meaning that “people” are at the centre of quality formulation and implementation. However, the approach used and the various elements of the present quality initiatives of the organizations studied lead us to the argument that Human Resources Management and employee empowerment is not perceived yet as a dynamic, complex and incremental process based on international assumptions and practices aiming at improving organizations performance with the utilization of all available resources.

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Role of Personality and Intelligence in Coping with Stress among Young Managers

*Kumar Sunil and Sharma Y.K.R.

This study examined role of personality and intelligence in coping with stress among young managers. 260 college students with the age range of 20 -28 were drawn from different management institutes in NCR – Delhi for the study. This study was undertaken with four main aims (i) to examine the role of personality factors in coping styles (ii) to examine the role of I.Q. in coping with stress (iii) to examine the relationship among personality attributes coping with stress and I.Q and (iv) to examine the relationship among personality attributes and coping styles. Results revealed that measures of personality and intelligence correlate positively with coping styles.

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Yes Bank: A Framework of Managing Risk in Converged Financial Services to Boost Indian Economy by Using Financial Derivative Products


Yes Bank is in the process of redefining profile of the banking industry by providing a bouquet of financial services. The range of its financial services is so wide that the complete financial services are likely to converge in the definition of banking services. A step ahead, these services has been directly linked with the backbone of the Indian economy. The strength of such linkage is further enhanced by implementing the concept of knowledge banking, which is mainly focused on the sectors possessing a potential of high growth rate in the economy. Yes bank has designed the strategy to exploit such potential which lead to boosting the Indian economy. The customization of these strategies on the basis of the geographical region further strengthens the linkage between financial services to building blocks of economy. These linkages can be used as blue print for policy making process. The proactive role of Yes Bank in policy making with various agencies of Govt. of India is generating a wave in banking industry which can be considered as a signal to boost the Indian economy. This paper focuses on the framework to manage risk while providing complete financial services needed for the Indian economy by using financial derivative products.

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The Role of Corporate Governance as a Bridge between Agency Conflict and Financial Performance

*Jahangir Nadim and Najibullah Syed

This paper has attempted an endeavor to establish a link between agency proxy variables i.e. free cash flow, ownership concentration, book to market equity ratio, leverage and log of assets, and financial performance as measured through Tobin’s Q in the context of private commercial banks in Bangladesh and has suggested better corporate governance to achieve financial targets. This study considered five years data from year 2000 to 2004 of twenty-three enlisted banks in the Dhaka Stock Exchange. Correlation coefficient and stepwise regression analyses were employed to test the proposed hypotheses. The results have shown that agency problems influence financial performance of the banks whereas effective corporate governance can mitigate agency conflicts and can create value for shareholders.

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A study on regulations and factors influencing the NRI investments in India

Ravichandran K.

Non resident Indian NRI is a significant term in India because NRIs are investing a large amount in India. There are various regulations and factors which govern NRIs investments in India. This investment is brining cash flow of foreign currency in our country India.

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