Advances In Management

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Advances In Management

Vol. 11(3) September 2018

Superheroes at Work – Revealing the Bright and the Dark Side of Transformational Leaders

Busse Ronald and Leonie Czekala

Successful leaders are required to ideally combine the charisma of an iconic role model, the strategic understanding of a general, the empathy of a loving mother as well as the dominance and strength of an alpha-male. We argue that this mix is rather to be found in a superhero than an organisational executive. In the present work, we compare the bright and dark sides of both on a conceptual basis and reveal three different ways of acquiring leadership skills: intuitive/born skills (Superman-Leader-Type), learned/trained (Batman- Leader-Type) and a mixture of both (He-Man-Leader- Type).

Finally, a concept is created which is based on the idea of a high level of leadership effectiveness resulting from the awareness of the dark side and an individual application of leadership dimensions. It can be concluded that transformational leaders can be seen as superheroes and vice versa. They do not obviously or necessarily have two different faces but have to organize a two-sided personality being careful not to succumb to the dark manifestation of leadership abilities.

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The Influence of Strategic Management accounting on Iraqi Service Companies' Performance

Timimi Suhail A.L.

Organizations use management accounting information in a variety of ways, especially management accounting information, significantly contributes to the effective functioning of management process. Furthermore, management accounting information contributes to the organization’s performance by providing feedback on the implementation of strategic plans and completion of jobs. But the new management accounting system due to its strategic characteristics (i.e. externally and future-oriented) may overcome many of the weaknesses of conventional management accounting systems; it still lacks a solid base of empirical studies. The main objective of this study is to determine the effect of Strategic Management Accounting on Iraqi Service Companies' Performance.

This study uses a quantitative method; the quantitative data are collected by questionnaire. The total selected sample size for the quantitative approach was 127 companies. The research found that the Strategic Management Accounting influence on companies’ performance could be used as subjects of references. Company management should understand the importance of accounting information for strategic decision making.

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The Mediating Role of Leadership Management on the Performance of Selected University knowledge workers in Malaysia

Abdoulrahman Aljounaidi and Humam Mohamed

This study has identified standards of foundation and skills including leadership management as mediator to evaluate the performance of the relationship between modern required skills for knowledge workers in academic universities in Malaysia vis-a-vis the performance level. The study has revealed some skills that need to be commanded by each professional knowledge worker in academic universities in Malaysia. The major and basic skills suggest that knowledge workers must have adequate knowledge of Interpersonal Skills (IS), Information Technology Skills (IT) and Leadership and Management Skills (LMS). They also need to be conversant with organizational mission and objectives.

Moreover, the direct effects from Interpersonal Skills (IS), Information Technology Skills (IT) and Leadership Management Skills (LMS) were ranked as highly important. We have revealed the gap between the current and required performance, in addition to the role of leadership management as mediator, in such a way that could strengthen the relationship. The study had some managerial and theoretical contributions. Academic knowledge workers in Malaysia should have a wide range of competencies and skills, both core and generic. In addition to having some important knowledge and gain formal learning knowledge from schools, recruiters and managers should get a holistic view of the prevailing conditions in the labor market such as current salaries, duties assigned to specific job roles, most desired skills and qualifications related to particular positions.

The present study has provided the groundwork for redefining the performance for knowledge workers work and will be an asset for recruiters and managers to be update with the required skills in the digital era. Malaysia can also help with the evaluation of existing education programs in school knowledge workers which make us defend the knowledge worker profession at the present time.

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The Impact of Head-Coaches’ Leadership Styles on Players’ Motivation – Empirical Evidence from Germany’s Leading Youth Soccer Academies

Busse Ronald and Czarniecki Slawomir

The leadership approach of a head coach arguably influences the level of motivation of soccer players. To identify relations between leadership and motivation in German elite youth soccer academies, we conducted an empirical investigation applying a quantitative methodology. Data was collected from top German youth players (N = 370) aged 16 to 18 and their head coaches (N = 79). Players completed the Sport Motivation Scale-II questionnaire and coaches filled the Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire.

Positive correlations between transformational leadership and relative autonomy indexes were detected whereas a vice-versa effect was revealed between transactional leadership and perceived autonomy. Negative correlations between players’ ages and relative autonomy indexes might open a lively debate in future research endeavours.

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