Advances In Management

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Advances In Management

Vol. 13(1) March 2020

Internal Control, Technological Innovation and Corporate Performance: An Empirical Analysis from Listed Companies of China's Manufacturing Industry

Qunlin Fan and Xiaoling Xie

Page No: 1-14

Classic literature puts forward two different mechanisms of internal control acting on technological innovation, forming "internal control promotion and "internal control paradox respectively. Through the research of China's manufacturing industry, we find that although China's internal control can promote innovation input and performance, the force is weak. Future more, the problems include: companies with active technological innovation, the internal control has less power to improve the innovation performance. In most companies at the innovation average level, the strengthening of internal control has the tendency to restrain innovation investment.

In a company with negative technological innovation, internal control has not played a significant role in improving innovation input and innovation performance. With the China's economic transformation and upgrading, this study is of great significance to further improve the internal control construction, so as to promote the technological innovation of real economy and transformation to emerging manufacturing industry.

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How Small Businesses can access Finance in a Modern Financial System?

Maurice Ayuketang Nso

Page No: 15-17

This work recommends ways small business could access finance in a modern financial industry by streamlining their operations and activities to meet the desired risk of financial institutions, de-risking the financial system by reducing constraints to access finance and fine tuning of state policies to favour financiers of small businesses operations and growth. On the other hand, financial intermediaries could improve access to financing and scale their operations by helping firms understand their real financing needs, helping firms build their capacity to borrow and take on financing and helping firms reduce the risk and structure alternative financing arrangements.

Overall, formal small businesses could access finance easily than their informal counterparts in banks and other financial institutions and an inclusive financial system could improve greatly small businesses access to finance.

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Liberalization of Business Organisations in Bangladesh meeting the Development Challenges of the Millennium

Biswas Shyamapada

Page No: 18-24

In competitive free market economy, the ‘business organizations’ play important role for ensuring economic progress and establishing functioning democratic political order. The objective of this study is to analyse the existing rules and regulations of business organizations in Bangladesh in light of the international standard so that suggestions for reformation of the same can be made which are essential to meet effectively the challenges of the global business market of the new millennium and ensure sustainable economic development. To achieve this objective, standard international laws regarding business organizations have been briefly analysed, and next the existing rules and regulations for the business organizations in Bangladesh have been analysed and respective reform suggestions made.

For this study secondary sources of data and information have been used. However, a survey has also been done. For the analysis of the data and information, qualitative methodology has been used. The study is a unique one because it explains the importance of reformations of the business organizations in Bangladesh and makes suggestions for reformations.

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An analytical study on daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly returns on Indian gold ETFs

Lakshmi Priya M.C.

Page No: 25-35

Gold is a scarce, precious and costly metal. Women are passionate of jewellery made of gold. It is treated as a financial and a liquid asset. People who invested in gold decades back made huge money. Storing of gold is risky, hence paper gold has taken birth in the market. Gold Exchange –traded Fund (GETF) is a form of paper gold. This is basically an investment fund traded on stock exchanges similar to shares and stocks.

The research study aims to know what gold ETF schemes are yielding good returns on daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis so as to guide the investor and the trader and hence they can rotate their fund among different gold ETF schemes offered by different companies to maximize their wealth.

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Analyzing the impact of monetary policies on macro-economic variables, especially on real output

Biswas Shyamapada

Page No: 36-43

The objective of the study is to find whether there is any loophole in the theory about the impact of monetary policies on macro-economic variables, especially on real output. To achieve this objective, rigorous qualitative analysis of the secondary literature has been done. The findings of the study show that the literatures regarding the impact of the monetary policies on macro-economic variables are full of confusing, contradictory and uncertain remarks and conclusions. In other words, there is imminent need of intensive research about the issue.

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