Advances In Management

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Advances In Management

Vol. 13(3) September 2020

A bibliometric evaluation and analysis on the maturity of scientific research trends on novel coronavirus (COVID-19)

Kumar Prabhat and Suresh S.

Page No: 1-13

The COVID-19 pandemic has been declared as major threat to human beings across worldwide concern. This outbreak is standing as a public health emergency problem in front of Research and Development (R and D). The bibliometric evaluation assists to quantitatively explore the scientific works and redirection of research trends on COVID-19. To support the R and D activities, various reputed publishers have already made the scientific literature related to coronavirus (CoV) as open access to all researchers. The main objective in this article is out to extract the most productive authors, corresponding author’s country, total citations per country, relevant sources, growth of publication citations, and frequent author keyword occurrence on CoV research.

The bibliometric study has covered the scientific research trends on novel coronavirus from January to June 2020 using Web of Science (WoS), PubMed, and Dimensions database. The searching strategies and dataset pre-processing tasks have also been performed to improve the quality of the dataset. We have used the bibliometrix R-package and VOS viewer as bibliometric analysis tools. We have a bibliometric evaluation of the 18,270 documents that met our inclusion criteria. China has contributed to a large number of research publications and BMJ-British Medical Journal gained as most relevant source on CoV.

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E-Commerce on Cloud: Opportunities and Challenges

Vijai C. and Nivetha P.

Page No: 14-21

In recent years, cloud computing has changed the way we think about IT. Cloud computing terms means virtualized computer network. It still is in infancy. Cloud computing provide fast and secure data storage. It is mostly used to sell hosted services through application to operate client server at a remote location. The term E-commerce means electronic marketing. It changed the traditional way of business marketing. It provides flexibility through online and in that cloud computing will help to business activities.

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Overcoming Unemployment through Vocational Education: The Role of Counsellors in China

Dhar Bablu Kumar, Mutalib Mahazan and Sobhani Farid A.

Page No: 22-25

The employment problem is a topic of concern to the whole society which is related not only to the future direction of employment of college students but also to the development and progress of the future society and the reform and development of higher vocational education. With the development of the current society and the continuous improvement of higher education, the relationship between the employment of college students and the needs of society is becoming tenser and tenser.

The purpose of this study is to address the role of counsellors in the employment problems in higher vocational education and the existing problems, pointing out the critical role that counsellors should play in the employment work, and thus to improve the number and quality of employment of students in higher vocational colleges.

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Innovation in Women-managed Micro-Businesses in India

Kumari Priyanka and Mor Surender

Page No: 26-34

The innovative practice of serving new markets for 569 women operated micro-enterprises has been examined using a binary logistic regression model countryside in India for the year 2017. The results highlight that highly educated entrepreneurs have more likelihood of innovation or serving new markets as compared to others. The findings further suggest that older firms innovate less and new starts-up tend to be more innovative when the question of serving new markets arises. The verdict further reveals that sound networking is pivotal in the innovation or new market entry in the sampled microbusiness. However, the training of entrepreneur and market competition do not affect firm's likelihood to innovate in micro business in the informal segment.

The study endorses for raising the formal education level of the women in the rural area of Haryana. Further, the study recommends that young micro-businesses need to be promoted in the rural segment of Haryana. The findings suggest to enhance the networking of micro business for innovation as well as for long-run survival of their business and there is a need to promote the culture of social entrepreneurship to achieve this objective.

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Relationship among public finance, money, tax and price level

Biswas Shyamapada

Page No: 35-43

Public finance is closely associated with Government’s revenue generation and it is a vital issue for ensuring balanced sustainable economic and social development. The object of this study is to investigate the views of academics and researchers about the relationship among public finance, money, tax and inflation using secondary literature. The findings of the study show that regarding the issue, there are contradictory and confusing remarks and conclusions.

The study needs more intensive investigations to understand the relationship among public finance, money, tax and price level determination and propose appropriate solution. This study is a unique one because out of the vast materials with extensive models and identities, brief but precise and understandable proposition have been made.

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