Advances In Management

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Advances In Management

Realizing full speed after organizational change projects: Impact of restructuring activities on the motivation of high potentials

Busse Ronald and Abdeluahid Ali

Page No: 1-21

The COVID-19 pandemic and also digitalisation and international competition have also pushed companies to become more future-proof and the ability to restructure is of considerable relevance for organisational resilience. High potential employees become key players in the implementation of restructuring activities as they have a wide horizon in the company and can take the responsibility21. This study used qualitative research to explore the impact of restructuring activities on the motivation of high potentials. The content was analysed according to Mayring's qualitative content analysis.

The factors of participation in the restructuring process and an open as well as transparent communication have the strongest influence on the motivation of high potentials during the restructuring phase. Career development and compensation are motivators for high potentials to perform strongly further for a degree of autonomy in a function and the meaningfulness of tasks are relevant aspects that can drive employee motivation. Subsequent research can examine the significance of the motivating factors in more detail for example, at what point does salary become less important for high potentials.

Job Involvement and Job Satisfaction of Mining Workers in Keonjhar and Jajpur district of Odisha

Patra Niranjan, Panda Gitanjali and Majhi Sanjib Kumar

Page No: 22-29

Industrialization played an important role in the development of a nation. Mineral resources development is an essential condition for successful economic development of an economy. Like any other industrial project, mining paves the way for development of infrastructure and generation of market forces. It not only generates employment opportunities to the people but also provides income to state exchequer and foreign exchange to the mineral producing country.

The present study is a humble attempt to study the job involvement and job satisfaction of mining workers in Keonjar and Jajpur district of Odisha. The present study endeavours to show the existing socio-economic conditions and status of the miners with regard to their job involvement and job satisfaction in mining activities. Findings of the study would also suggest some policy measures. The sample was selected from mining workers of Jajpur and Kheonjar district of Odisha. By using structured questionnaire, data was collected, results are discussed and recommendations are offered for improving the job involvement and job satisfaction of mining workers.

A Study on E-Commerce with reference to Applications of Computers

Upadhyay Rakesh and Bakshi Vikas

Page No: 30-33

The way business works, has changed a lot with the introduction of computers. No matter whether a business is small or large, computers are used to enhance the efficiency of business. In business, several transactions take place in a day. Businessman buys from various suppliers and sells products. Accounting software helps them to keep the record of things they purchased and sold in a day and the profit made selling those things.

With this, they can keep track of the finance and they can make important decisions related to their business. There are apps for accounting and payables, expense tracking, budgeting etc. which help a businessman to handle their finances effectively. Businesses advertise their business with the help of advertising video clips which cannot be created without computers. Using computers and internet, business can be promoted on online platforms to a much large audience. Connectivity is most important for the success of a business.