Advances In Management

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Advances In Management

The crucial role of fear of negative evaluation for the application process

Busse Ronald and Aleker Alisa

Page No: 1-21

The aim of the study was to find out whether there is a connection between applicants and fear of negative evaluation and the use of recruitment agencies to search for a job. For this purpose, 230 test persons were questioned by means of a primary statistical data collection in the form of a written and standardized online survey. A positive correlation between fear of negative evaluation and the use of recruitment agencies of r=.37 or r=.31 was found.

A difference in terms of fear of negative evaluation or no fear of negative evaluation and the use of recruitment agencies to search for a job could be determined, but this cannot be adequately proven. It is advisable for recruitment agencies to establish a separate personnel marketing strategy for anxious applicants in the future. In addition, a concept for addressing anxious applicants should be developed.

A Study on Employee Engagement: Indicators and Repercussions: Review of literature with a critical analysis

Joshi Sugandha and Wadhwa Shilpa

Page No: 22-30

Employees serve as brand ambassadors and crucial touch points for any company's customers, as they are the major stakeholders who may make the difference between a pleased and unhappy consumer. Employee engagement is important in every industry. As a result, it is crucial for companies to know how their employees feel about working for them. Employee engagement aids in the understanding of employee expectations and lays out a path for businesses to achieve those objectives. Motivated and engaged employees contribute more to the organization's production and help to maintain a higher level of commitment. An engaged employee is aware of his or her surroundings at work and collaborates with coworkers to improve job performance for the benefit of the firm.

Organizations should focus their efforts more on the factors that have the greatest impact on employee engagement. The study looked at how employee engagement has evolved over time and described the many types of employee engagement concepts. The goal of this study is to understand the fundamental concept of employee engagement and to conduct a literature research to look at the many aspects of employee engagement. During this literature review, the influence of employee engagement on practitioners and researchers was discovered. Understanding the determinants will assist management and employees in creating a healthy work environment and increase employee engagement.

An Evaluation of Quality of Service and Experience in E-commerce Platforms

Sahana Dinesh and Muni Raju Y.

Page No: 31-36

E-commerce platforms adopt various strategies to attract and retain customers. Though customers could be attracted to the platform through strategies like discounts and offers, their retention or long term association with the platform can greatly depend on factors other than low prices. One such factor is the quality of service offered by the e-commerce platform.

Therefore, this study aimed at understanding the customer evaluation of quality of service offered by ecommerce platforms and also to evaluate the customer satisfaction with the quality of service offered by ecommerce platforms. For this purpose, data was collected from 652 respondents residing in Karnataka, India. Exploratory factor analysis extracted eight dimensions of e-service quality. The regression results revealed that quality of service offered by online platforms has a significant impact on the quality of customer experience.

A Review on Text Categorization

Nguyen Thi Xuan Trang

Page No: 37-41

Text categorization is one of the most important text mining tasks to deduce patterns for certain targets from a document-based intermediate form. This study reviews almost basic contents of text categorization: major stages, classification techniques and empirical researches on applying this tool for documents written in various kinds of languages.

After reviewing previous researches on this topic, it was found that the effectiveness of Support Vector Machines method was confirmed in most empirical researches on text categorization for different languages such as English, Arabic, Korean or Vietnamese. The study also suggests for future researches on exploring an effective process of text categorization that can be applied for documents in any kind of language.

Sustainability Labels in Food Industry

Sharieff Zainab and Panghal Anupama

Page No: 42-49

For over a decade, the food processing industry has prioritised on food safety and product quality. Alongside, the concept of eco-friendly and sustainable consumption among consumers has recently gained momentum. Sustainable product consumption is being actively promoted by food manufacturers and preferred by consumers over conventional food products. Food labels are considered to be most effective tool of communication in marketing. Mandatory and voluntary food labels adhere to a set of standards and regulations for manufacturing processes. One set of labels that exists for this purpose is called "sustainability labels," and its sole purpose is to identify sustainable food options.

In this study, an overview of the current state of research on sustainability labels is provided, along with a systematic analysis of previous work in the field to shed light on its potential future evolution. The authors reviewed a decade of empirical and theoretical research from Scopus journal database. The 89 articles found through a systematic manner were content analysed. The findings reveal that Indian food processing industry has a dearth of literature studies on sustainability labels. Brief insights about challenges and implications were mentioned for further study in the area of sustainable labelling.