Advances In Management

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Advances In Management

Vol. 2(5) May 2009

Organizational Effectiveness: Identifying Communication Challenges faced by Software Engineers working in the IT Organizations in India

Sethi Anjanee, Jain Neera and Rathore Shyamli

As an information society takes shape, propelled by rapid changes in information and communication technology, organizations today constantly grapple with the daunting challenge to make communication effective for overall Organizational Effectiveness . Today’s IT organizations in India have to come to terms with a diverse work culture across countries, a global workforce and increased complexity of work that requires more coordination and interaction, simultaneous distributed work process as well a much faster pace of work. It is in this context that the study attempts to address the communication challenges faced by the Software Engineers working in leading IT organizations in India. The current study proves as a starting point for thinking about innovative ways to overcome the challenges faced in an IT enabled environment. Further, researchers must account the limitations of the theories designed for face-to-face communication when they explain the challenges in mediated communication in organizations.

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Indian B-Schools: Admissions and career orientation

Malhotra Gunjan

The increasingly global nature of firms and businesses requires that business school graduates be ready to take up challenges associated with increasing competitive nature of the business as it is done today. It then hardly matters, whether the fresh B-School graduate is working in a domestic firm or a multi-national company because every job demands in varying degree, elements of timely decision making and making sense of opportunities in the context of changing goals, constantly questioning one’s “dominant logic” in the context of a changing environment, and revisiting “deceptively simple questions” about what we think to be true about markets and the firm. In this context it becomes relevant to find out the type of career profiles B-School students look for and the inner attributes that are preferred and given more importance by them. This paper attempts to seek the relationship between the admission criteria in premier Indian B-Schools and the career attractiveness of the students in these schools.

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Corporate Reporting: Past, Present and Perspective

Bhatt Sandip K. and Mistry Dharmendra S.

Recently, demand of disclosure of information of companies has increased and failure of the companies in stock exchanges has also added much to this demand. In our research, we tried to focus on future of corporate reporting system on the basis of past and present system thereof. We analyze the status of development in corporate reporting and financial reporting standards and focus on the issues requested and their implications. Also, the paper allows new approaches regarding quality information reporting and its implementation into entities financial statements, ensuring promises for future research.

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Styles of Managing Interdepartmental Conflict Across various Conflict Fields

Polychroniou Panagiotis V.

This study investigates how sales managers in Greek organizations handle conflict with their peers from other functional departments across various conflict fields. The findings suggest that sales managers are oriented to integrate ideas with those of their peers across strategic and important conflict fields in order to come up with the best possible solution for a given problem. On complementary basis sales managers prefer using compromising, avoiding and obliging for handling conflict regarding minor and day to day issues. Some implications of the study are discussed including the need to take into consideration the importance of each conflict field in order to manage conflicts and attain common goals. The study reveals how the sales manager deals with interdepartmental conflicts. In this way, it would be possible to develop models for handling interdepartmental conflict.

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Coins, Gains, Pains and Mains of Open Sourcing

Magesan A.A.

Economies of different countries face many challenges due to stagnant or shrinking economy, bleak economic forecasts, shrinking budgets and increasing pressure on business. India is not immune of these challenges. With more than three-quarters of Indian developers resorting to open sourcing, India is well positioned to meet the challenges by providing more job opportunities, technological support, expertise and solutions for the sustenance and growth of both public and private sectors.

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Inflation and Stock Indices: A Comparative Look

Singh Bhartendu

This research paper investigates the reasons behind the volatility of BSE Sensitive Index (SENSEX). The paper assumes Rate of Inflation (based on Consumer Price Index for Industrial Workers and Wholesale Price Index) as independent variable while 30 scrips based Bombay Stock Exchange Sensitive Index (SENSEX) as dependent variable. The study is done on the hypothesis that there is no impact of independent variable on the dependent variables. This study concludes that there is a statistically significant impact of Inflation on Stock Indices.

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Can Value Check at Entry Level be an Effective Tool to curb Unethical Corporate Practices?

Kumar Harish and Kujur C.

Corruption has almost become a way of life. It has touched almost all aspects of life. This is reflected in the erosion of the value system at individual, organizational and societal levels. Corruption at organizational level is evidenced in unethical practices in business organization. Unethical practices in business are leading to misery and pains and depriving individuals of their rights in society. Solution to this epidemic is difficult but not impossible and is urgently required to be sought. This paper attempts to examine the reasons responsible for corruption in organizations and suggests certain workable measures with special reference to value check.

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Factors affecting Consumers Satisfaction towards Advertising Media: A Comparative Study between Traditional Advertising and Online Advertising in Malaysia

Idris Izian, Haque Ahasanul, Mohd Shukri Ab Yajid and Khatibi

Advertising plays an important role in daily life. It is able to generate sales and brand recall towards certain products and services. By understanding consumers’ attitude towards advertising, designers and marketers can better strategize their advertising designs. A better understanding of interactivity can also help to improve the effectiveness of interactive media such as the internet. These attitudinal relations should play an essential role in consumer’s decisions on which media to choose based on the benefits that the media provide.

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Sumo Grande: Seeding Activity to the High-end Tourist Market

Seshanna Sudarshan

Tata Motors has segmented, targeted and positioned selected products according to their features and brand equity in the market. Products such as the newly launched Indigo CS, Palio MultiJet, Safari Dicor, and Sumo Grande are thus positioned exclusively for sale in the high-end tourist market, that is, for fleet operations only. Bangalore being the IT hub in the country, possesses a strong market potential for automobile brands to promote their products heavily in the fleet operations space, given that a large number of employees in the IT and ITes sectors commute from home to office on a daily basis. This focus of the paper is to examine the market potential of the Sumo Grande – a repositioned product- in the commercial segment based on a product seeding approach. The findings of the paper test the market penetration strategy of the product by adopting a quantitative research methodology. The paper presents an analysis and interpretation of primary data collected through a sample survey of potential fleet operators based in Bangalore city. The research methods and business recommendations contained in the paper have been presented to executives at Tata Motors, which have been verified and approved.

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Ethical Practices in Life Insurance Sector at Kolhapur

Chavan V.M. and Paliwal M.N.

Ethics is the methodical and systematic elaboration of the norms and values in our daily activities. Ethics is the discipline that examines one’s moral standards or moral standards of society. This paper deals with the research endeavor to identify the various ethical/ unethical practices of Life Insurance Services in Kolhapur city. The study was undertaken in two phases. The first phase included review of relevant literature and experts’ opinion to evaluate the role of ethics in Life Insurance Sector, whereas the second phase involved primary data collection from the various stakeholders of Insurance Companies (broadly Branch Manager, Functional Level Manager, Advisors and Clients). Forty one ethical/ unethical dimensions were identified and the elicited opinion of the respondents was analyzed. The model was tested with KS test for the relationship between Insurance Management and Ethical Practices and was found to be dependent on each other. The present study explores rampant unethical practices being followed in the Insurance Sector. The authors have suggested measures which would help resolving ethical dilemmas and which ultimately would help in minimizing the unethical practices in the Insurance Sector.

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