Advances In Management

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Advances In Management

Vol. 2(10) October 2009

Offer-Acceptance Index: A Proposed Recruitment Instrument to predict Job Applicants’ Behavior

Vidyarthi Prajya and Anand Smriti

This article proposes a model of job offer-acceptance to explain the complex relationship between job offer acceptance intention and actual behavior. We integrate attraction-selection-attrition and person-environment fit theories with elimination-by-aspects theory of choice making to explain offer acceptance behavior in the presence of multiple job offers. These theories along with the theory of reasoned action and planned behavior are used to create a multi-dimensional measure of offer-acceptance index. Seven factors of perceived alternatives and three factors of individual characteristics are identified to help increase the predictive power of acceptance intentions on job choice behaviors.

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Testing of Weak-Form Efficiency in Indian Capital Market

Lazar D. and Nouroul Alim B.

This paper tests the Weak-form efficiency of Indian capital market. A daily closing price of S&P CNX Nifty for the period from 3rd November, 1994 to 30th June, 2008 is included in the study. For the purpose of testing Weak-from (otherwise called Random Walk) the Unit Root tests – Augmented Dickey-Fuller (ADF) and Phillips-Perron (PP) tests were employed. The results of descriptive statistics of return series are not normally distributed that is series are in Random Walk. The Augmented Dickey-Fuller (ADF) and Phillips –Perron (PP) tests concluded that the Indian capital market is Weak-form efficient.

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Prospect of Bamboo Fabric in India: A Supply and Demand Study

Malhotra Gunjan, Dey Arnab, Sanyal Romit Kumar and Nagraj Vijay

The global availability of bamboo resources and various factors affecting the supply of bamboo in the Indian context was assessed through secondary research. Then, a primary research was conducted to determine the demand for bamboo fabric in India. 321 complete responses to the survey were obtained for complete analysis which included identification of significant factors influencing the demand of bamboo fabric in India. The four factors identified - antimicrobial, cooling effect, texture and eco-friendly were all found to be reliable. The research reveals that there exists a demand for bamboo clothing. With an abundance of resource, a brand of bamboo clothing would go well for the Indian fabric industry and the overall environment at the same time.

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A study on Performance Management through Recession Metrics during Downturn

Dash Bidya

Recession indeed presents a very difficult time for any existing enterprise in today’s corporate world and no company is exempted from this truth. It is essential for every company to know how to implement the right metric set for this very trying period. Performance management through recession metrics implemented is indeed a must. Employee morale is one thing that is hard to maintain in any company during this extremely trying and frustrating period. Communication should definitely be one of the focus points of the recession metrics. Open communication should be administered because without this, the informal grapevine would then be the ultimate source of havoc in the company. Anxiety levels would be raised and the employees themselves would feel detached and angry because they are not being told everything that has been going on under their noses. The restructuring of the organization should also be included in the metric set. Downsizing is inevitable so there will certainly be a lot of people that the company would have to let go. More importantly, the employees left behind are the ones who need to do more work with fewer resources so they might need to work longer hours and shorter days – to maximize time and cut costs. Thus, the restructuring of the organization and the workforce should be done systematically so that employee morale would not be made to suffer more. Performance management is such a key, by which every organization can do the proper assessment of employees and their output which matters a lot to both the employees and the organization in downturn.

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A Decision-Analysis Approach for Optimizing Design Alternatives for Information Systems

Berger Paul D.

Increasing performance and capacity of an information system and its components improve their utilization and associated benefits, but involve higher costs. Hence, we suggest that the design and configuration of an information system must reflect assessments of cost-benefit tradeoffs in addition to satisfying technical and functional requirements. Modeling and quantifying such tradeoffs can help evaluate design alternatives and identify economically-superior solutions. In this study, we develop a decision-analysis framework for assessing strategies for designing information systems. We examine the conditions under which one design strategy exhibits superior performance compared with other design strategies. .

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Revisiting Linkages between Entrepreneurship and Higher Education

Jyothi P.

Academic world has come to recognise the importance of entrepreneurship and the value of entrepreneurship education and hence there has been an increasing attention focused on developing the entrepreneurial spirit among the students. Several models have been postulated and educational conferences attempted to disseminate information about the teaching of entrepreneurship and small businesses. Leading experts throughout the world have contributed their knowledge and experience so that others can benefit in the field of entrepreneurship education. In the Indian context, the need for the development of entrepreneurial spirit among the educated youth has been immensely recognized and education system is considered as a powerful tool in developing it. The present study tries to explore the possible ways of linking entrepreneurship in higher education. Opinions are elicited from faculty and students in their orientation, awareness and interest in entrepreneurship education.

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Ethical Marketing and Regulations

Kumar Satinder

In the past businesses pursued profits single-mindedly with little or no consideration for the wider social and environmental impact of their activities but this is not the case today. The consumer movement and the environmental lobby are now firmly established as vigilant and powerful watchdogs and have successfully brought about changes in business practice and in the laws, which govern how businesses must operate. Many businesses have voluntarily changed their ways of operating to take these wider concerns into account. For example, in marketing, the 'marketing concept' has become synonymous with having a consumer orientation and the more recent 'societal marketing concept' extols the need for marketers to consider the wants and long-run needs of both society and consumers.

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Customer Satisfaction with Service Quality with Special Reference to Life Insurance Corporation in Madurai District

Ponreka Maria D. and Surya Rao U.

Insurance is the best form of fortification against risk that has been formulated by man. Since its emergence, insurance has become unavoidable to every aspect of human life from health disorders to building properties, from household articles to multimillion – dollar projects. The insurance industry in India was opened up to private sector participation in the year 2000. Because of the entry of private players in the insurance market, LIC has lost 26% market share to the private players although both, market size and the insurance premium being collected are on the rise. In 2007, LIC accounted for 74.18% of the total insurance market in India. In view of the increasing competition, this paper attempts to understand the dimensions of service quality, which helps ensuring maximum customer satisfaction and hence helps LIC to acquire a larger share in the market. The study was done on a stratified random sampling design.

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An Approach for Faculty Development

Singh Anurag and Kumar Brajesh

Institutions of higher education have a great role to play through quality teaching for student learning. However, few faculties receive any type of teacher training before entering the academic world. As a result, faculty development is one likely solution to enhance teacher quality. But traditional faculty development method is facing serious shortcomings that impede its ability to improve teacher quality. The answer of faculty development lies in the marriage of two unlikely partners: online learning and case studies. This paper explores the possibilities for faculty development through online discussion of a case in the form of a model which could be a viable strategy for faculty development to improve teaching quality in all disciplines of higher education.

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Rehabilitation and Resettlement of Project affected Persons at Women, Missionary, Legislative and Training Levels

Narasimhan Ganesh

The intricacies of problems faced by the project affected persons with special focus on people displaced by mining in NLC (Neyveli Lignite Corporation) were investigated. Recommendations for solutions to the problems were made at different levels for rehabilitation and resettlement of project affected persons.

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