Advances In Management

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Advances In Management

Vol. 4(12) December 2011

Research Articles:
Analyzing Developmental and Non Developmental Expenditure of Indian States

Vadra Ratna

The financial condition of the state governments in India has been a cause for concern. Over the years, the consolidated financial position of the state governments has shown a marked deterioration in some of their major deficit indicators. One of the major weaknesses of state government finances in India can be attributed to the increases in non-developmental expenditure. The current papers analysis the trend of developmental and non expenditure of state government from 1990-91 to 2010-11.

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Impact of Female Sexual Objectification in Advertising on Women

Sukumar Snigda and Venkatesh S.

Sexual objectification is a state where women are viewed only as objects of sexual pleasure. Women in advertising and media are sexually objectified to sell various products and services and to attract the attention of the consumers. And sexually objectified images of women in advertising have increased causing a very bad impact on young girls and women leading to various problems like depression, low self esteem etc.

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Clash of the Titans: Users Differentiation between Orkut and Facebook

Malhotra Gunjan, Maheshwari Aditya and Raju Abin G.

This paper aims to examine the behaviour of Indian users and how they differentiate their usage on Orkut and Facebook, the two most popular social networking sites in India.

A Web-based survey of 321 random users was used to capture people’s perception on different features of Orkut and Facebook. To analyse the data two-sample t-test, ANOVA, Kruskal-Wallis test, Chi-Square test, Factor and Cluster Analysis were conducted. The study demonstrates that features play an important role in making Facebook the top site in India. In addition study shows that the new entrants (young population) prefer Facebook. But privacy on Orkut was considered to be better than Facebook.

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Outsourcing Practices in the Indian Banking Sector: Benefits and Risks

Mohapatra Suryanarayan

Outsourcing of activities and processes are the key outcomes of the large scale technology adoption in the banking sector during 1990s. The study found that majority of the banks in India are conservative in their approach towards outsourcing their business process and getting access to technology benefits is the main driver for outsourcing.

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Case Study:
Global Recession and Determinants of CEO Compensation:
An Empirical Investigation of Listed Indian Firms

Tomar Avantika

This paper examines the determinants of CEO compensation using six years data on firm performance, corporate governance and top executive compensation from a large sample of 132 listed Indian firms. A linear regression model is used to develop explanations for total CEO cash compensation. Key contributions of the study are the findings related to the effect of firms’ stock price increase, before and after economic recession, on their respective CEO compensation. Before the recession, the increase in stock price between consecutive years meant higher CEO compensation (This finding is not substantiated in the post regression data). It is found that CEOs who also chair their firm’s board of directors tend to have higher compensation. PSUs have lower total CEO compensation when compared to private sector firms. Firms with greater percentage of independent directors pay less.

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Advertising Management: Media Challenges and Lesson Learnt

Chan Fiona S.

This case study investigates current and future states of marketing communications in Asia Pacific regions, using secondary data from United Nation’s International Telecommunication Union and the Nielsen Company. In the short years since debuted, 3G networks and smart phones have completely transformed marketing communications landscapes. In order to stay attuned, advertising managers must now factor in technological advances and often incorporate new media to maximize marketing effectiveness. By examining advertising media changes in Hong Kong from 2006 to 2010, it is postulated how future smart phone uptakes will significantly change marketing communications practices in India. Implications to advertising management are derived from marketing intelligence provided by researchers and practitioners across the globe.

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Trends of FDI inflows in India in the Post-liberalization period - A study with special reference to Pharmaceutical Sector

Khaja Safiuddin Syed and Murthy Sreenivasa S.

The post-liberalization period witnessed an increasing trend of FDI inflows in India with a high growth rate. The relaxation of policies towards international trade and investment supported by a positive response from capital exporting countries is also considered as a major determinant of FDI inflows into India. Moreover, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and post- liberalization scenario became the most fascinating topics among researchers in the area of international trade and investment. It is an important type of fast international expansion to increase ownership of assets, derive location-specific advantages and acquire additional knowledge. FDI in industrial sectors in India has become a point of discussion among the researchers and industrialists.

Whether it is service sector or information technology or telecommunication sector or manu-facturing sector, there is a continuous fluctuation in FDI inflows into these sectors over the years. FDI has been the target for Indian industrial sectors with a changing pattern of inflows. FDI in Pharmaceutical Industry has also been among the hot topics of discussions whether it is entry route or entry cap. The Indian Pharmaceutical Industry is amongst the top industries in global pharmaceutical market and ranks 3rd in terms of volume of production (10% of global share) and 14th largest by value.

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A Study on the Level of Commitment towards Retention Practices in IT and Non – IT Companies in Chennai

Ramanaiah G. and Lavanya L.

There is no magic wand to make employees stay with the organization. Retaining is challenging with the current day knowledge work force and organizations are increasingly taking efforts in this direction. Many innovative retention practices are in force but attrition has also become unavoidable. Now the question arises whether the companies are committed towards its retention practices. This research was conducted to answer this question in both IT and Non-IT companies. 30 samples in each category were chosen from Chennai city and questionnaire was administered. Findings show that IT companies should identify the difference between avoidable and unavoidable departure and take measures to retain their key talent. They should treat their employees as an asset and not as cost. Employee-centric work culture and Performance-linked salary and bonus are the factors to be improved in Non-IT segment. The results show that there is definite commitment towards retention practices but there is a difference in commitment levels in IT and Non – IT companies.

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General Article:
Cloud Computing and Its Impact on Corporate HR Practices

Bose Indranil

Cloud computing is the latest development in information technology arena, which has started changing the way the business used to be conducted till few months back. This seems to be the next generation watershed event in the field. A simple example of cloud computing is Yahoo email or Gmail etc. Here somebody does not need software or a server to use them. All a consumer would need is just an internet connection and can start sending emails. The server and email management software is all on the cloud (internet) and is totally managed by the cloud service provider Yahoo, Google etc.

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Green Marketing: A Start to Environmental Safety

Pandey Dharen Kumar

The world is developing significantly with huge industrialization all around and leaving behind a curse to the nature. People all around the globe are now aware about the environmental depletion which the industrialists have been serving along with the bundle of utilities. Newspapers, magazines and all media are also now a days enhancing consumer’s attention towards the environmental effects a product may have. This problem, thus, being not of a nation but of the whole globe, has increased the need of the marketer to focus upon. In order to survive in such an aware market, every marketer has to imperatively focus upon the green marketing. There is nothing new in the green product and green marketing but it only cares for the environment. Environment friendly products/raw mate-rials are the demand for both real consumers as well as the industrial buyers. Green marketing is a global concern and it is going to have a better future ahead. It can most profitably be used as a growth opportunity if the lag behinds are eliminated. The most important factor is to understand the consumer’s perception about the environment and to develop a better sense of moral obligation in every citizen.

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Total Cost Management: A New Approach to Cost Control

Ghosh Anirban

The customers are continuously demanding high quality products/services at low price. The shareholders demand a maximum rate of return on their investment from the company. So, the cost plays a pivotal role in this situation because the companies can only control the cost. The challenge before the companies is how to manufacture or provide service within the stipulated cost framework. Thus, cost management has to be an ongoing continuous improvement tool for value maximization.

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