Advances In Management

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Advances In Management

Vol. 4(9) September 2011

Research Articles:
Poverty Management: Human Capability Approach for Linkage with Economic Development Process in Rural India

Roy Mousumi

Poverty has been rediscovered as a millennial global challenge by the United Nations. In India, home to 16% of the global population, attempts have been made to eradicate poverty through several government schemes over the last few decades. Despite this, poverty and social exclusion still have a significant expression where the households with low level of education are more exposed. Recent GDP growth rate was expected to expedite the poverty eradication across the country but in reality, growth has been highly uneven across the population failing to link a vast majority of the people particularly those living in the country side to the economic development process. The present micro-level study carried out in a typical country side attempts to analyze some of the major causes of the failures of this linkage with a view to come out with suggestions towards betterment. The study reveals that UN-advocated measures are very inadequate in place in the country side and suggests that skill development among the rural mass could integrate them fast with the economic development process as that would reduce heavy reliance on traditional low-wage earning means like agriculture.

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P.O.W.E.R. to succeed Progressive Oral Written Evaluation Ranking

Crooks Donald

The graduate Business Department at Wagner College would like to introduce a new approach to student evaluation and assessment that we believe to be iconoclastic and unique among MBA programs. The triangular foundation of our MBA programs are goal oriented at the terminal improvement of.

• Critical Thinking/Learning Skills
• Oral Presentation
• Written Expression

Our professors continuously stress the advancement of the student’s critical engagement of ideas and strategy in all of our course work. This practice is enhanced by utilizing current case studies with proactive and preemptive problem solving methods, the “What if” method is prevalent.

The second and third legs of this foundation are areas where our professional networking and outreach efforts have discovered that these qualities need to be constantly improved among all levels of management. Progressive Oral and Written Evaluation Ranking [P.O.W.E.R] will be tabulated at the end of each course and displayed as an average alongside the G.P.A. The P.O.W.E.R scale will be based upon the highest level being “10” so as not to be confused with the “4” level ranking of the G.P.A. These inputs will be taken directly from the established Oral and Written Rubrics now in place on all MBA programs. Students will be able to see their absolute rank and this will enable the College and Graduate Business Department to witness relative values over the duration of the student’s matriculation here at Wagner.

Implementation and inputting should not be an impediment as the P.O.W.E.R. grades can be submitted directly by the professor into Wagner Web paced Academic Manager [WWAM], on a semester basis. This process will be a very effective way of approaching assessment as a direct measurement derived from the subjective view of the professor. It also acts as a subtle evaluation of teaching skills as the student ideally will improve during their stay at Wagner.

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Case Study:
Data Envelopment Analysis- An Application to Empirical Supply Chain Management Research

Sale R. Samuel1 and Sale Martha Lair

The purpose of this article is twofold. The first purpose is to present an analysis of the relative performance of various manufacturers of flash memory. Not all products are alike and different supply chains may be appropriate for different products. Products may be divided into functional and innovative categories. Functional products should be paired with efficient supply chains while innovative products should be paired with responsive supply chains. In this paper we use data envelopment analysis (DEA) to empirically investigate the relative performance of sixteen flash memory manufacturers over two years. We investigate the performance of these manufacturers along two output axes. One axis is associated with functional products and efficient supply chains while the other axis is associated with innovative products and responsive supply chains. In the three decades since the publication of Charnes, Cooper and Rhodes5 classic article, DEA has become very popular. From 1978 to 2001, over 3,000 publications by over 2,000 authors have used DEA.7 Although DEA is very popular and many researchers have used it, there may be many more researchers who have not tried DEA either because they do not know how it works or are concerned with the difficulty of performing a DEA analysis.

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Inadequate Succession Planning Practices as a Contributor to Family Wealth Loss and Economic Stagnation in the African American Community: A Preliminary Investigation

Udeh Igwe E.

Studies have suggested that the large net worth disparity between whites and African Americans is mostly accounted for by the different patterns in which the two groups accumulate family assets. Inheritances and other intentional wealth transfers account for a large portion of American household wealth. Despite this fact, a recent survey reported that 55% of all adult Americans and 67% of African Americans do not have a succession plan, as evidenced by basic wills. This paper attempted to identify reasons behind the disproportionately large number of African Americans who die intestate and leave their assets behind as heir property, a potential source of evaporation of wealth transferable from generation to generation. The paper explored the underlying practices, assumptions, expectations, or beliefs that contribute to the high prevalence of intestate death within the African American community, using interviews and survey instruments. We assumed that ignorance of concepts associated with wills and succession planning was a contributor to the high intestate death within the community. Our findings contradict the assumption that the large number of African Americans who die intestate leaving their assets as heir property is due to lack of understanding of the terms associated with wills and succession planning.

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Impact of Quality of Work Life on Employee Job Satisfaction:
An Empirical Study in Banking Sector, Vizianagaram, Andhra Pradesh

Raju B.S.N.

The aim of the paper is to determine whether and how the quality of work life affects the satisfaction level of employees of Banking sector employees and the implications of these findings suggest that quality of work life in Banking sector can bee enhanced by these factors as Adequate Income and Fair Compensation, Safe and healthy working conditions, Opportunities to use & develop human capacity, Opportunity for career growth, Social integration in the work force, Constitutionalism in work organization, Eminence of Work Life and Social relevance of work.

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Performance Evaluation of Banks: A Comparative Study on SBI, PNB, ICICI and HDFC

Prasad K.V.N. and Ravinder G.

The Fundamental Analysis, which aims at developing an insight into the economic performance of the business, is of paramount importance from the view point of investment decisions. The present study attempts to analyze the profitability of the four major banks in India; SBI, PNB, ICICI and HDFC. The variables taken for the study are Operating profit margin (OPM), Gross profit margin (GPM), Net profit margin (NPM), Earning per share (EPS), Dividend per share, Return on Equity (ROE), Return on Assets (ROA), Price Earnings Ratio (PER), Dividend payout ratio (DPR).The study brings out the comparative efficiency of SBI, PNB, ICICI and HDFC.

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Financial Appraisal of Patiala Central Cooperative Bank Ltd.

Rajiv Kumar and Balbir Kumar

A cooperative is an ideal democratic association of its members, for its members and by its members, is based on the one member, one vote system of decision making, certain ethics and principles of its own, which differentiate it from other forms of organizations. A cooperative is usually viewed as a socio-economic organisation, which can fulfil shared objectives of its members. Central cooperative banks are also a part of cooperative institutions. Central Cooperative Banks in rural areas mainly finance agricultural based activities including farming, cattle, milk, hatchery and personal finance etc. along with some small scale industries and self-employment driven activities through its branches and primary agriculture credit societies. In this paper an attempt had been made to evaluate the financial performance of Patiala Central Cooperative banks.

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General Article:
Mixing Blood and Books: Killings at our Universities: Campus Violence –Where is our management?

Nykodym Nick, Patrick Brian A. and Mendoza Johann D.

Killings at Virginia Tech., USA; killings at Northern Illinois State University, USA and killings at The University of Alabama, USA will your University be next? But killings at The Appalachian School of Law, USA were stopped quickly before the police arrived. With these deadly facts as reality, past research shows that the nationwide economic downturn and recession have caused cities and governmental organizations to lay off police and law enforcement personnel. Even prisons are being shut down! Likewise research analysis has shown the impact on business safety resulting from the recession. There are fewer jobs, less money, less police/law enforcement, less prisons and more crime. More firearms are being purchased by members of the business community and citizens in general. Layoffs of police impact college and university communities who have always relied on local police and law enforcement to assist in the security challenges faced by the University community. The research following details options for continued campus safety in an age of police and law enforcement layoffs. Options vary from doing nothing to turning the University into an armed camp!!!

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