Advances In Management

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Advances In Management

Vol. 5(5) May 2012

Research Articles:
Retailing and Innovation: A Study in today’s Global Retail Market

Shukla Yupal and Gadhavi Dharmesh

In recent years, the combination of economic growth and population growth in emerging markets and less developed markets has accelerated the progression of globalization of retailing and globalization by retailers. The challenges faced by global and globali-zing retailers (retailers who currently have or intend to establish a market presence in mature markets, emerg-ing markets and less developed markets) can be more daunting compared to those faced by firms in other industries such as automobiles, steel and computers. Retailing innovations that are responsive to the characteristics of distinctive national markets and broader aggregations of markets such as mature, emerging and less developed markets are critical to the success of global and globalizing retailers. Against this backdrop, this paper focuses on retailing innovations in the context of a globalizing retail market.

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Why do Mergers and Acquisitions quite often Fail?

Chakravorty Jayesh N.

Corporate mergers and acquisitions (M & As) have become popular across the globe during the last two decades; thanks to globalization, liberalization, technological developments and intensely competitive business environment. The synergistic gains from M & As may result from more efficient management, economies of scale, more profitable use of assets, exploitation of market power, the use of complementary resources etc. Interestingly, the results of many empirical studies show that M & As fail to create value for the shareholders of acquirers. In this backdrop, the paper discusses the causes for the failure of M & As by drawing the results of the extant research. .

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A Decade of Changes in Financial Reporting

Doug Barney

The past decade (the first of the 21st century) has seen many dramatic changes in financial reporting. Dramatic events include the rapid acceptance of International Financial Reporting Standards by the international community, demise of some of the world’s largest corporations (many of whom were making fraudulent financial reports), demise of one of the world’s largest CPA firms, an economic collapse that put national economies at risk and passage of significant legislation intended to protect investors. This article gives an overview of these events in a manner designed to show the significance of these events in the business environment and provide sources to learn more about the events.

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Case Study:
A Study on Customer Value of Shampoo in Tiruchirappalli District

Dhevika V. P. T. and Subramani N.

In today’s highly competitive markets, business is more challenged to increase, or even maintain market share. With the globalization and continual technology innovations, consumers have greater access and more purchase alternatives and opportunities to be less store and product loyal. As a result, customer value becomes paramount to being competitive in the market place. Customer Value is a topic of growing interest to managers and researchers in business marketing. Traditionally, research on value in business markets has been oriented towards the assessment of how suppliers create value for their customers and how customers perceive superior value in a suppliers offering compared to competition.1, 11 In recent years both academics and managers have increasingly emphasized the need to consider customers as a key asset of the firm.8 Only few studies are focused on products. The purpose of this article is to introduce the reader on customer value of shampoo.

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Interpersonal Competencies of Employees in Hospitality Industries - A Comparative Study

Patil Sunil Subhash

HRD is recognized as an important tool for corporate strategy, integrating conceptual values with human values. One of the most important functions of HRD is to develop various types of competencies that relate to several areas like Technical Competence. People require necessary technical skills that contribute to their competency. A person who joins an organization say in the area of marketing or production needs to enhance his competency in these areas, same ways in the areas like Managerial Competence, Interpersonal Competencies and Business Competen-cies, Intellectual Competencies etc. Focus on competen-cies acts as a developmental tool for employees. It helps employees understand organizational needs and develop individual skills to meet the competency gap. Competency is also a great tool for retention. It is a great source of motivation as high performers tend to get rewarded over time.

The hotel business is an employee-intensive and quality-driven service industry. The competitiveness and productivity of the industry depend primarily on the skill levels and professionalism of its employees. Consequently, the constituents within the hotels sector recognize that education, vocational training and human resource development are necessary to ensure their future. The present paper focuses on the interpersonal competencies of employees in hotel industry in Goa.

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Uttarakhand as a Spiritual Tourist Destination: An Emerging Research

Phukan Himadri

Tourism is the largest service industry globally in terms of gross revenue as well as foreign exchange earnings. In India, Uttarakhand state is famed for its heritage tourism because of its most famous shrines at Haridwar and Rishikesh in the plains and the Char Dhams (Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri and Yamunotri) in the hills. It also has a large forest area, famous for wildlife sanctuaries and well-known hill stations. Tourism research has been traditionally focused on the demand side of tourist motivation and behavioral patterns to discover why tourists visit particular destinations.

This paper presents a strategic management approach by which those responsible for marketing destinations can develop holistic and coordinated strategies for Uttarakhand state of India which will be helpful for making destination decision by potential travelers. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to develop an improved understanding of the key factors that likely to influence the choice of destination. Two important heritage sites of the state namely– Haridwar and Rishikesh were targeted for the discussion. The study focuses on the effectiveness of different attributes that motivate tourists to visit Uttarakhand.

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A Study of Promotion and Distribution Strategy of Dairy Industry in Kolhapur District

Ingavale Deepa

India remained the largest milk producing country in 2007-08 with a share close to 15 percent of world milk production. However, a combination of factors, led by high GDP growth in particular has led to a rapid increase in the domestic demand for milk. Producer prices for milk continued to increase leading to a corresponding rise in consumer prices. Not only increasing urbanization means greater consumerism, but with the rapid spread of the modern communication systems like television in the rural areas and ever increasing emphasis on advertisements, the consumption pattern for dairy products is rapidly changing all over the country. India is positioning first in the production of milk. Milk processing organizations in India have tremendous potential in dairy industry sector. Dairy sector has ample potential to create opportunities in the field of export of milk products, production of milk and milk products. In light of this the study is conducted in Kolhapur District, one of the districts in which Operation Flood Programme was implemented. The dairy units in Kolhapur are involved in processing and packaging of the buffalo milk and producing the milk products as Shrikhand, Milk Powder, Ghee, Paneer, Cheese etc.

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Social Support among Industrial Employees

Narayanan R.

The present study aims to find out the social support among industrial employees. 100 employees were selected on the basis of using stratified random sampling method. The results revealed that industrial employees differ in their social support.

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General Article:
A Conceptual Framework for Demographic Diversity and Performance

Park Michael Hyung-Jin and Overby John D.

Much research on the effects of diversity in group composition on group performance has been conducted. We review the previous research, find the enablers to make diverse group effective and propose a conceptual framework that explicates how groups can maximize the benefits of diversity and minimize the costs and finally improve the performance in demographically diverse settings. Our conceptual framework suggests that (1) flow of diverse knowledge is positively related to performance, (2) demographic diversity is not necessarily positively related to the flow of diverse knowledge, (3) stock of diverse knowledge is positively related to the flow of diverse knowledge when behavioral integration is high and (4) demographic diversity is positively related to behavioral integration, when there is a mechanism to facilitate behavioral integration.

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