Advances In Management

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Advances In Management

Vol. 6(12) December 2013

Organization maturity through consistency of its management system

Závadský Ján and Droppa Milan

The paper introduces approach to the organizational development based on the systematic management of the organization maturity. In the article we present also the results of an empirical research focused on the consistency of the process-based management system. Effectiveness of the various management systems depends on many factors. One of them is the consistent definition of each system elements. The main purpose of this study is to explore if the performance management systems of the sample companies is consistent and how companies can create such a system. The consistency in this case is based on the homogenous definition of attributes relating to the performance indicator in the process based management system. Establishing of such an approach to the organizational management requires a very complex change which is impossible to perform at once. It is also impossible to perform it as a single managerial decision with use of just the managerial power. Such a change is a long term evolutionary process which ought to be carefully managed.

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Micro-Credit and Women’s Participation

Bera Sujata

The major promise of micro credit program is that it makes Government development program more responsive to deliver services, specially the financial services in favor of the poor and socially disadvantaged women. The objective of micro-credit programme cannot be achieved without ensuring the participation of socially disadvantaged women. Therefore, women’s participation seems to be a major factor that affects sustainability of the programme. This paper attempts to examine whether there is any association between concentration of poor and participation of women in a state. In this process, the paper tries to trace the socio-economic factors that determine women’s participation in micro-credit programme.

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Integral Leadership through Entrainment: Synchronizing Consciousness

Danny Sandra and Sharda Nandram

This paper argues that leadership is an integral system and that its components separately do not have the properties of leadership as a whole. To study leadership in an integral way, the concept of consciousness is explained as the core aspect of determining its components. Next, the concept of entrainment is introduced to support and enrich the interconnectedness of the multi-dimensional nature of consciousness. Entrainment refers to the synchronization process within a person or in relationship to his environment. Four modes of entrainment are identified. Inner symmetric or self-entrainment focuses on the harmonious interaction within the body or organisation while outer symmetric entrainment focuses on the interaction between them. The third and fourth modes are the inner and outer asymmetric entrainment. These modes describe the phenomenon of entrainment with the environment. As a result, Integral Leadership can be seen as a complex interaction of inner and outer harmonization of consciousness through entrainment. If a leader intentionally integrates spiritual techniques and values, then he intentionally fosters harmonization of his consciousness. This means, he reaches an increased quality of interconnectedness between his levels of consciousness. Entrainment will alter the leader’s consciousness, hence, he will be able to perceive and able to attune to other rhythms in his environment. This can eventually lead to group resonance through which collective consciousness emerges resulting in higher organisational output.

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An instrument useful to determine localized social network usage among organizations: A pilot study

Morrison R. G. and Hoover D. J.

It seems clear that social networking systems are here to stay and many small organizations in many geographic areas are already embracing these technologies into their operations. Because the HR professional is often the point person for defending the organization, along with legal representation, it is imperative that HR workers have a clear understanding of social networking use and its implications. There are few sources of information that can be used to educate an organization with regard to localized social network usage by organizations, so this study is presented to provide a sample instrument to those that need it. A short pilot study is performed to demonstrate how the instrument can be used, as well as a few thoughts about how it can be improved.

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The problems and prospects of the small tea growers in India with special reference to North Bengal Region

Biswas Debasish and Roy Nirmal Chandra

The entire economy of North Bengal is mainly dependent on the four ‘T’s which are tree, tourism, tobacco and tea. Among all the ‘T’s, tea is the prime one which leads the economy of North Bengal. Paddy field of North Bengal is being replaced by the small tea gardens as it yields high profit. The cultivation of tea for its commercial purpose is fast gaining popularity among the farmers. On the other hand, the small tea growers are also facing a large number of problems because of some legal lacunas. Tea growers are deprived of getting benefit from different schemes of the Government. Due to absence of the factory of their own, they are deprived of the real price of the green leaves. The present study was undertaken to know the problems and prospects of the small tea growers in North Bengal. The study was conducted in four districts (Jalpaiguri, Darjeeling, Cooch Behar and Uttar Dinajpur). A sample of 150 small tea growers was selected randomly from these four districts using proportional allocation techniques.

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The moderating role of promotional benefit level and brand awareness on the effectiveness of price discount and premium

Mokhles Alnazer

This research uses a cross-sectional experiment to manipulate promotional benefit level, type of promotion, brand awareness and measures consumers’ value perceptions and purchase intentions. The results obtained suggest that at high benefit levels and moderate benefit level, price discounts are more effective than premiums, also at high brand awareness level and low brand awareness level, price discounts are more effective than premium.

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Performance Evaluation of SBI Mutual Fund selected Schemes in relation to Risk-Return, Rivalry’s and Market Comparison

Thomas James

The financial system of a country is of immense use in its economic development. Adequate capital formation is indispensable to economic development and financial markets are of crucial importance for capital formation. In this process of economic development, mutual funds emerged as strong financial intermediaries and are playing a very important role in bringing stability to the system and efficiency to resource allocation. This study is helpful in tracing the performance of top mutual funds and to compare the mutual fund based on the risk bearing capacity and expected returns of the investors and will also carry out an analysis of the portfolio of the selected mutual fund.

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Impact of Global Financial Crisis in India

Seenivasan R.

Financial crisis in the market economies of democratic countries are not unusual. It is also not unusual for such economies to make policy correction and come out of the crisis. During this first decade of the 21st century itself we have seen economies in the west go through two crises: the first was in 2000, the "dotcom bust" and the second was after the 9/11 terror attacks. But the market economies came out of it: in fact we saw a boom between 2003 and 2008.

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