Advances In Management

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Advances In Management

Vol. 6(11) November 2013

A Study on Financial Constraints and Challenges in Retailing Trade: A Bird’s Eye View

Srinivasan K. and Saravanan S.

This paper discusses the financial challenges confronted by the retailers in Tamil Nadu. The unorganized retail format has been rapidly replaced by the modern organized retail format. This format has not been only established in metro and urban cities, but semi-urban areas are also decorated by the modern retail business. Though it signifies the development in one hand; on another side it severely disturbs the livelihood and survival of unorganized retailers. Though the retailers face many challenges in the wake of modern retailers, financial challenges occupy a prominent place. In these circumstances, the paper examines some of the key financial problems encountered by retailers. 300 sample respondents were selected across the Vellore district by stratified simple random sampling method. The study found that low margin of profit, huge investments and lack of financial resources are the significant financial challenges faced by the unorganized retail traders.

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Covert Advertising–What does Covert Advertising do?

Muthukumar M.

Advertising as a tool in the promotion/ communication armoury creates tremendous impact among consumers in terms of awareness and other consequences thereof. Among different forms of advertising, covert advertising also plays a vital role as it creates better impact with regard to communication and sales. Studies reveal that such type of advertising can definitely increase the sales and profits of a company. Here, it is to be mentioned that covert advertising is the opposite of overt advertising. Overt advertising is a typical blatant advertising found in magazines and newspapers, on televisions, billboards and leaflets. Whereas, Covert advertising is sneakier as it occurs when the consumers are exposed to either covertly or subtly to an advertisement. Such covert advertising can be found in movies, video games, plays, music videos, television serials, television shows and sports. It has been around us for years but today it has become the hottest tool in the promotion of products/brands.

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Quality of Work Life - A Strategy for Good Industrial Relations

Tulasi Das V. and Vijayalakshmi Ch.

Organizations are continuously looking for new ways of doing business in order to meet the challenges of today’s dynamic business environment. Most of the organizations are interested in enhancing employee’s ‘quality of working life' (QWL) for good industrial relations and generally try to instill the feeling of security, equality, pride and prestige among its employees. For this purpose, policies and procedures are framed in such a way as to make the work less routine and more rewarding for the employees. These policies and procedures provide autonomy, recognition, good working condition and conferring awards in appreciation of work done etc. Therefore, organizations are required to adopt a strategy to improve the employees QWL for good industrial relations to satisfy both the organizational objectives and employee needs.

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Impact of FDI on the Financial Measures of Select Firms in India

Safiuddin Syed Khaja

The Foreign Direct Investment has become a main source of foreign capital flow for developing economies and leading source of external financing. It is observed that since 1991, the liberalization of FDI policies offers opportunities as well as threats for firms. As far FDI is concerned, the most important aspect is the impact of FDI inflows on the growth, performance and efficiency of the FDI-based firms as well as its contribution to the nations economy. Along with the macro-economic changes caused as a result of FDI, it is assumed that FDI has an impact on company’s growth and performance. The Indian Pharmaceutical Sector is also an interesting and relevant context for several reasons. It is one of the most vibrant knowledge driven industries in India with consistent growth over the past thirty years. The present study is conducted to assess the impact of FDI on the performance measures of select FDI-based pharmaceutical firms. The study is carried out for a period of 10 years from 2000-01 to 2009-2010.

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Store Attribute and Retail Format Choice

Kumar Atul and Roy Sanjoy

In the last decade India has witnessed huge growth in terms of infrastructure, foreign brands, per capita income, organized retailing. Traditionally India only had the unorganized sector and more of mom and pop stores but with the changing economic scenario post 1991 era India is witnessing a retail boom. According to various reports there were about eleven million small neighborhood shops called kirana shops in India. They have been a constituent of the Indian shopping traditions for several decades and even today organized retailing (Corporate store) contributes just 2-3% of the total retail sale in the country. Indians are spending more than ever and are more open to organized retailing which used to be confined to only developed nations. In this paper we are studying the various factors/attributes which direct the people towards a Corporate store or a Kirana stores for grocery shopping.

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Income Tax Structure of Individual Assessee in India – A Critical Study

Gupta Priya and Gupta Munish

In present paper an effort has been made to analyze the present tax structure in India. In this paper issues relating to high tax burden on lower and medium income groups and low tax burden on high income group are taken. Several problems like high compliance costs, tax evasion and so on arise due to poorly designed tax structure. Taxpayer‘s attitude play a vital role in tax policy-making of any country. Researcher concludes that there is still a need to have more reforms in income tax structure whatever in the form of broadening of exemption limits, reducing the tax rates, reorganization of prevailing tax slab rates or to make income tax structure so simple that all people could understand it and can follow the tax laws willing fully.

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Impact of the Demographic characteristics on the work life balance satisfaction-A study on software Professionals in Hyderabad

Kanteti Vijaya Lakshmi

This study investigated the impact of demographic variables on work life balance satisfaction among software professionals in Hi tech city Hyderabad. Eight hypotheses on demography were postulated and tested. 500 questionnaires were distributed to software professionals through Convenience sampling technique to the target sample respondents. The anova analysis at .05 level of significance indicated that there was a significant difference between the work life balance satisfaction level based on the demographic variables and also the degree of impact of various demographic variables on the satisfaction.

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Importance of Leadership in Innovations of HR Practices

Suriyamurthi S., Velavan M. and Radhiga T. D.

Most organizations will tell you they know what good management and leadership look like and will be able to identify people with skills and qualities they admire. They may also tell you they know that good management makes a real difference to organizational performance. There is strong evidence to support this contention: historically, our greatest business leaders have driven economic prosperity and growth. There is no question that the performance of leaders and managers can have a truly significant impact on organisational performance, both in the immediate and longer term. Skills such as people management, strategy and planning, budgeting and risk management can transform the fortunes of an organisation. Business intermediaries and business support organisations have a vital role to play in helping companies understand the importance of good leadership and management to their performance, future growth and economic prosperity. Through the advice and practical help they offer, intermediaries and support organisations are a powerful force in helping raise ambitions and giving employers the confidence to take action to boost their leadership and management capability. The need to improve leadership and management skills is particularly acute in the current economic climate. Strong leadership and management skills are the key to increasing business efficiency and exploiting new business opportunities.

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Spiritual Branding (The latest mantra in Indian scenario)

Qurmoshi Mohsin, Mahammed Azam Khan and Siddiqui Mohd Rukunuddin

Spirituality has become a keyword in brand thinking and consumer’s behaviour. ‘Spirituality’ is an important keyword of the next trend in business and lifestyle. The spiritual and sensorial have clearly become essential facets of our lives when purchasing brands. There is a significant trend of the ethical / value-driven consumers. As a result, corporates are required to be transparent and socially responsible than ever before. This paper explores the conceptual aspects of spiritual branding and its impact on the customer perception in particular and society in general.

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