Advances In Management

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Advances In Management

Vol. 6(9) September 2013

Working Capital Estimation/Management -A Financial Modeling Approach

Aravindan R.1 and Ramanathan K.V.2*

Working capital estimation requires careful consideration of its drivers and the inter-relationship among them captured in the form of model which can then be used for performing what analysis is required to evaluate various policy options and to understand the underlying trade-offs. This significantly improves the quality of decision making and ensures global optimization for a firm. This paper demonstrates the whole process of building the financial model for working capital estimation, optimization and studying the impact of working capital policy changes on the final outcome namely product costing.

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Green Marketing: Impact of Green Advertising on Consumer Purchase Intention

Gandhi Ankit1* and Rao Mayur2

Indian advertising industry has dramatically developed as consumers concern over the impact of environmental degradation on their lives and interests which result in a significant sale of green products. This study aims to explore how green advertising affects consumers purchase intention of green products. The data were collected from students studying in Management Institute. The research findings reveal that consumer attitude toward green advertising significantly influences consumer purchase intention of green products.

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Testing the Weak Form Efficiency of Indian Stock Market with Special Reference to NSE

David Sam Jayakumar G.S.* and Sulthan A.

This study examines the random walk hypothesis to determine the validity of weak-form efficiency of the second major stock markets in India, NSE. The study uses daily observation over the span from 3rd July 2007 to 31st December 2011, comprising a total of 1116 observations. The random walk hypothesis is examined using auto correlation function, unit root tests (Augmented Dickey-Fuller test) and the runs test. The ADF and unit root tests clearly reveal that the null hypothesis of unit root is convincingly rejected in the case of stock market returns of indices, viz. S&P CNX NIFTY and the industry indexes. This suggests that the Indian stock markets do not show characteristics of random walk and as such are not efficient in the weak form implying that stock prices remain predictable. The ACF and Unit root test do not show characteristics of random walk and as such are not efficient in the weak form for only some industries indexes such as the banking industry. This implies that the Indian stock markets are not weak form efficient signifying that there is systematic way to exploit trading opportunities and acquire excess profits. This provides an opportunity to the traders for predicting the future prices and earning abnormal profits on the banking industry. The implication of rejection of weak form efficiency for investors is that they can better predict the stock price movements by holding a well-diversified portfolio while investing in the Indian stock markets.

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A Study on Talent Acquisition in Sierra Atlantic

Siringi Ranjit Kumar

In an organization, there is nothing more crucial than fitting the right employee in the right position. Or else you would be trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. When people do jobs that just do not suit their liking, inclination or temperament, the results, or rather the lack of them will be disastrously obvious. Low productivity, dissatisfaction, low morale, absenteeism and other negative behavior will become typical till the employee is shown the door. Or perhaps, there is another option - Talent Management. Organization need to have a vision and a well defined strategy on hiring for the future.

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The Relationship between QWL and Demographic Characteristics of Management Faculties of Self-Financing Institutions in Tamil Nadu

Mariyappan M.S.R.1 and Sharmila A.2*

The purpose of this study is to measure the level of Quality of Work Life of Management faculties of self-financing institutes in Tamil Nadu and second to investigate the relationship between Quality of Work Life and some demographic characteristics among them. The research has conducted among 350 management faculties of selffinancing institutions through structured questionnaire and the results suggest that the level of Quality of Work Life is medium and needs management’s attention to enhance. A significant relationship between Age, Work Experience, Marital Status and Gender was approved. Finally, implications are discussed in terms of discussion and further researches.

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Impact of Advertisements on Purchase Decision of Youth with reference to Consumer Goods

Ingavale Deepa R.

Advertising is the key for building, creating and sustaining brands. Advertisements play a major role in persuading, informing and reminding both potential and existing customers towards making a purchase decision. It plays a vital role in shaping dreams and aspirations and helps customer take conscious product and brand decisions. Advertisements with endorsements create easy remembrance for the customers for the advertised brand or product as the customers associate the brand with the celebrity and can easily register the brand. Measuring the influence of Advertisement in Consumer Brand Preference is very essential for every marketer. If advertisement does not create any positive change in consumers’ brand preference, all the resources such as money, time and efforts spent on advertisement will go in vain. Advertising also helps in creating Top of the Mind Awareness of a brand and aims at facilitating brand recall. The present study focuses on the assessment of the impact of advertisement on purchase of youth with reference to consumer goods.

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Capital Asset Pricing Model in the Gulf Capital Market; An Empirical study of Bahrain Stock Exchange

Saeed Tariq

Islamic banking and finance system has now been recognized as a distinct academic discipline. In this system like the conventional system, Islamic capital markets are typically a place or station where capital is being traded between those having surplus capital and those requiring funds for their investment needs. Modern capital markets, particularly in capitalist, monetized economies have, over a century, developed into a very efficient system due to need to facilitate the demands of market players. Financial system of either nature requires practical solutions to real world business problems. The financial manager tries to obtain adequate funds at the lowest possible cost while the investment manager or individual investor attempts to achieve the highest possible financial return at the lowest risk.

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Exchange Rate – A Key Determinant of FDI in India

Dikit S.V.* and Shringarpure A.A.

India is now favoured destination for foreign investors. Government of India is also providing useful information to attract people in India. Therefore Government of India has adopted a new policy.

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