Advances In Management

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Advances In Management

Vol. 7(5) May 2014

Studies on Cost Benefit Analysis in Appraisal of Infrastructure Projects: A Critical Review

Chaudhuri Sumana and Hegde D. S.

The article aims to primarily focus on the economic and social costs and benefits of infrastructure projects which form an important aspect of project appraisal and evaluation techniques. The major approachesto social cost benefit analysis are considered, building the concept from the fundamentals of applied welfare economics. In the case of economic appraisal and evaluation of infrastructure projects using CBA as a tool, it remains as a potentially viable and unexplored area of research.Various methodologies like European Commission Guidelines, OECD Manual, UNIDO Guidelines and the World Bank approach could be effectively applied for CBA of infrastructure projects.

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Hull and White Model to price Credit Risk Mitigation Warrants

Qingfeng Wang and Zhi Di

Credit Risk Mitigation (CRM) including Credit Risk Migration Agreements (CRMA) and Credit Risk Mitigation Warrant (CRMW) were made available to Chinese institution investors since 2010. To our best knowledge, there are no existing models specifically designed to price CRMW in literature. In this study, we applied Hull and White model to price five CRMWs. Findings of this paper can help investors when buying a CRMW.

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A study on IPOs Performance in Indian Capital Market

Ishwara P.

In this paper an attempt has been made to evaluate the post issue performance of IPOs in Indian capital market. Capital market constitutes the channel through which the capital resources generated in the society are made available for economic development of the nation. An initial public offering occurs when a company first sells common shares to investors in the public. Generally, the company offers primarily shares this way, although sometimes secondary shares are also sold as IPO’s. Going public means a company is switching from private ownership to public ownership. Going public raises cash and provides many benefits for a company. A company that is planning an IPO appoints lead managers to help it decide on an appropriate price at which the shares should be issued. Historically, IPOs both globally and in the US have been underpriced. The effect of initial under pricing an IPO is to generate additional interest in the stock when it first becomes publicly traded. This can lead to significant gains for investors who have been allocated shares of the IPO at the offering price. However, under pricing an IPO results in "money left on the table" i.e. lost capital that could have been raised for the company, had the stock been offered at a higher price. The danger of overpricing is also an important consideration. If a stock is offered to the public at a higher price than the market will pay, the underwriters may have trouble meeting their commitments to sell shares. In order to analysis post issue performance, IPOs made during year 2011, 2012 and 2013 from various companies are taken into account. The information regarding issue price, list price and latest trading price were collected from various sources. The per cent of increase/decrease from its list price has been calculated. Amid volatile equity market, Indian companies mopped up 1,619 crore in 2013 through initial public offerings, the lowest level in 12 years. As many as 11 companies had raked in 6,835 crore through the initial share-sale programme in 2012 against three firms that garnered 1,619 crore last year. This was the lowest-level of fund raising via IPO since 2001, when only 296 crore were garnered through this route. Fund-raising through IPOs had touched all time high of 37,535 crore in 2010. In the nutshell, most of the securities are trading below their list price and registered losses.

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Role of Microfinance in Promoting Microenterprises - Indian Scenario

Padma Narayan B.

MSME sector plays a pivotal role in providing employment and income by contributing significant percentage to manufacturing output of the nations. In India, microenterprises account for 94.94% and 99.83% in registered and unregistered categories respectively in MSMEs. Microfinance institutions provide microcredit for microenterprises to generate employment and income for low income households to achieve the objective of poverty alleviation. The existing strategies and approaches of microfinance institutions need to be revisited to promote sustainable microenterprises. The present paper suggests innovative strategic mechanism at business and operational levels of MFOs to play a crucial role in promoting microenterprises.

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The Individual Differences of Ethical Decision Makers

Zhang Na and Zhang Jian

This article reviews the multitude of individual factors in empirical studies of ethical decision-making. Variables related to an individual decision maker examined in this review are gender, philosophy, 3E (Education, Employment and Experience), cultural values, age, personality, cognitive moral development, awareness, religion and locus of control. This review identifies the individual variables that have been empirically tested in an effort to uncover what is known and what we need to know about the factors that are hypothesized as determinants of ethical decision makers in the enterprise.

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A Study on Online Shopping Experience and Customer Satisfaction

Hamza V. K. and Saidalavi K.

The purpose of this study is to explore the influences of online shopping perceived benefits namely Convenience, Pricing and Wider Selection towards Online Customer Satisfaction and Word of Mouth. The data has been collected on convenience from 385 respondents who experienced at least one online shopping in the last year. Four hypotheses has been tested empirically with the help of Partial Least Square Structural Equation Modeling (PLS-SEM) and the results are significant. The results of the study state that convenience during the online shopping, wider alternatives for selection and low price significantly influence online customer satisfaction in Indian context.

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Level of stress experienced by Saurashtra University employees: Towards developing a stress management

Jadav Vaju B.

The research determined the level of stress experienced by Saurashtra University employees. Sample of Respondents were taken from the three levels of positions- the top management, middle management and Rank and File. The Rahe and Holmes stress questionnaire was used to collect the data. The researcher has tried to establish the relationship of level of stress experienced with personal characteristics like age, gender, number of family members and income and job position. It was found from the research that the middle level employees experienced the highest degree and level of stress compared to the other job positions. As to the relationship job position is correlated with job stress but personal characteristics are not correlated to job stress. The research provided a stress management program for the employees of the University because it was determined that productivity and stress are negatively correlated. It is imperative to minimize and controlled the stress to make employees more productive.

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Green Business as a Sustainable Career for Women Entrepreneurs in India- An Opinion Survey

Sumathi K., Anuradha T. S. and Akash S. B.

The growing commitment to sustainable principles has increased the demand for new green products and services. Businesses and consumers are looking for better ways to reduce waste, minimize our impact on the environment and leave a cleaner, greener world for our children and grandchildren. The growing emphasis on protecting the environment translates into opportunities for entrepreneurs — women with ideas, energy and smart strategies to start and operate their own green businesses and organizations. Being a green business, owner can offer meaningful employment that is economically rewarding, socially responsible and environmentally beneficial. At the same time, it can help women looking to balance their family lives with their professional ambitions. The green economy offers women a win-win situation, to engage their values and achieve financial success. Therefore the present study is focusing on identifying the opportunities for women entrepreneurs in green business and also researcher made an effort to analyze their perception regarding opportunities in the same.

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Comprehensive Leadership Review – Literature, Theories and Research

Busse Ronald

This article provides a comprehensive literature review on leadership. The author sheds light on the historical foundation of leadership theories and then elucidates modern leadership approaches. After contrasting leadership and management, the article touches the overcome trait theories, summarizes the still prevailing behavioral and relational approaches and gives insights into the latest research on the efficiency of the transformational leadership style. The article critically combines historical leadership fundamentals with implications for current practicing managers.

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