Advances In Management

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Advances In Management

Vol. 7(9) September 2014

Savings Behaviour amongst Government Employees – A Preliminary Investigation on the Influence of Central Pay Commission

Shreenivasan K. A. and Vaijayanthi P.

Indians who were very conservative in their spending have changed recently and have entered into the spending spree. The 6th Pay commission was implemented by the government and as a result, at least 35% of the income increase was felt by the Indian population, specifically among the government employees. The present paper is an attempt to find the impact of the implementation of the pay structure among the government employees in India on the savings behaviour. The population being large the survey was carried through a questionnaire, among 150 respondents of Trichy City. Mean, SD, ANOVA, Ranking and other related statistical tests were done on the data. There is a enormous change in the pattern, the quantum and the avenues of investments made by the government employees after the implementation of 6th pay commission in Trichy City.

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An Empirical Study on Factors influencing Internet Advertising Effects

Ha Jung Bok

Internet advertising emerged as the most economical and effective advertising method along with fast developing internet technology and fast growing number of internet users because of easy accessibility, cost effectiveness and flexibility. Since performance of internet advertising is only measured by visible business performance indices such as sales, profit or market share and this makes pessimistic aspect more negative. Because of above problems, this study was carried out based on assumption that internet advertising performance should be evaluated by not only visible business performance indices but also by invisible performance indices such as brand awareness, brand recognition, buying intention and communication effects. Therefore this study emphasized communication effects as a core factor to evaluate internet performance effects. And internet advertising massage structure, internet advertising marketing strategies and consumer physical environment are considered measuring factors of communication effects regarding internet advertising industry condition. The results of the study provide theoretical contribution by finding factors influencing internet advertising effects as well as practical contribution by finding an internet advertising strategic guideline.

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The pathology of management system located in Gas Refining Company of Qeshm and Sarkhoon

Moslehi Mahdi

Evaluation of management systems and their integration is the aim of this research that leads to more efficiency and effectiveness in these systems. The selected statistical society for answering questionnaire was all the managers and deputies of company and 37 experts in different units of gas refining in Qeshm and Sarkhoon.

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Investment Choices and Demographic Characteristics of Investors in Indore: An Empirical Study

Lahoty Tanvi and Pathak Sunita

“INVESTMENT” a buzz word which catches an attention of every individual, carries a very simple meaning i.e. a way for the growth of individuals savings which he could not get by keeping the money idle with himself. The concept of mobilization of money also plays an important role for an individual to invest. But as the meaning is simple, the process of selecting an investment instrument, its knowledge and other criteria is not that simple. And it is not only the knowledge about the investment tool matters, the choice of Investment Avenue depends on many other factors too. Some such factors especially demographic factors we are going to discuss through this research paper.

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Website Assessment of Banks in India

Vijay Shankar P.

Conventional banking services are not adequate for today’s clients with innovation in new internet tech; citizens expect banks to serve them with direct to home convenience which is another avatar of e-commerce. To make this happen banks need to remain competitive to make customers pleased with their services. Competitiveness can be achieved by evaluating criticism and improving in order to better understand to satisfy. Evaluating quality of services is an imperative tool to be in compliance with the obligation. Hence our assessment is important in this perspective; this study uses SERVQUAL in analyzing service quality for websites of banks providing net banking services in India and measuring views towards current level and expected level of quality along with gap grid to highlight service shortfalls under 5 dimensions. Results showed radical differences between expectation and current level of net banking services quality.

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Perception towards Internet Advertising: A study with reference to Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata

Haq Ziaul

One of the most significant developments to affect advertising worldwide in 21st century has been the development of internet as a medium of mass communication. As a communication tool, internet is emerging as a new challenge to mass media advertising. As a result of this, many advertising companies are modifying their traditional techniques to cater to a wider range of public. Internet has enormous potential as an advertising medium because internet offers many advantages over traditional media. The potential of internet advertising is vast as the audience of it is genuinely global. Previous studies have shown certain types of internet advertising are very effective.

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IS Outsourcing Relationship: A Review of Literature

Gupta Vivek and Sushil

Outsourcing Relationship has become important for the success of IS outsourcing projects. Although some studies have explored the issues of IS outsourcing relationship in the past, these studies are mostly limited to the client's perspective. We explore and examine existing outsourcing relationship literature and identify areas for further research. Specifically, we look for research focus from the vendors' perspective. Therefore, two research objectives of this paper are: (1) to examine the existing IS outsourcing relationship literature and (2) to identify and point out opportunities and suggestions for future research. This study will serve as a useful guideline in understanding what has already been accomplished in the field of outsourcing relationship and will provide an insight to develop a successful IS outsourcing relationship for IS vendors undertaking those outsourced projects.

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Leadership Crisis and its Prevention

Singh Satyendra Kumar

Leadership plays a vital role in achieving an organization’s goals and objectives. It provides a direction to the organization to shape its strategy and organizational culture. Thus, it defines the path to growth and development of an organization. A leadership crisis tends to weaken the organization and hamper its efficiency, effectiveness and productivity. Therefore, the organization should take the measures to prevent the leadership crisis. This paper describes the factors that lead to leadership crisis and the measures to prevent such a crisis.

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