Advances In Management

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Advances In Management

Vol. 8(1) January 2015

‘The Big Idea’ The Sustainable Economy and the TBL (triple bottom line)

Brien James, Golicz Katie, Mishra Jitendra* and Mishra Bharat

The 21st century has brought with it a growing respect for our limited earthly resources. Incorporating this factor into business models does not take away from the profitability of the company. Inversely, it saves the company money, uses fewer resources and enhances the attractiveness of a company to its customers. In order to be successful business in today’s emerging organizational world and global economy, it is not merely enough to be just profitable. Corporate sustainability has become a growing trend in organizations and a new light is shining on sustainability. The paper cites example of eBay, Starbuck, Pataginia, Google, Deloitte Hawker de Havill and (Boeing), Monsanto and Target as empirical evidence how companies are innovating new methods to serve ourselves, our planet and our future generations. Sustainability has become our duty.

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Management Problems and Practices: India and Nigeria

Carl Osunde1*, Joshi Ashima2*, Vyas Anup3 and Gargh Shankar3

The overall objective of this article is to examine the management practices and problems in India and Nigeria. Managers as leaders in the organisation are faced with a changing environment where they have to work through others to achieve organisational objectives.10 Management is a universal concept and process but managers are faced with different working environment influenced by political, economic, social and technological factors. Employees in the work place are from different tribal or ethnic nationality and possess attitudes; traits, perceptions and thinking depending on the country where the work place exists. As organizations prolong to branch out, the opportunities for workplace problems deepen. Business owners and managers classically face conflict at different levels. Often the core causes of these problems are the lack of open, sinuous communications or using the off beam organizational structure. This article investigates (1) the working environment in India and Nigeria (2) employees attitudes, traits and perceptions in India and Nigeria; (3) the management problems and practices in India and Nigeria.

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Long Run Co-integrating Relationship between Exchange Rate and Stock Prices: Empirical Evidence from BRICS Countries

Tripathi Vanita1* and Aggarwal Khushboo2

The growing importance of inert linkages between foreign exchange market and stock market especially after the recent global financial crisis makes it important to analyse the relationship between these markets especially in emerging markets. Exponential growth of foreign investment flows to these markets also strengthens this relationship. This paper examines the long run dynamic relationship between exchange rate and stock prices in BRICS markets by using daily data for the period of 17 years from 1997 to 2014. The long run equilibrium relationship has been examined by using Johansen co integration test. This paper seeks to answer some intriguing questions relating to the relationship between exchange rate and stock prices in this new economic world order. Preliminary results show that stock price and exchange rate of Russia and China track each other very closely. We find negative and significant relationship between exchange rate and stock prices of Russia, India and South Africa. We also find a long term co integrating relationship between these markets in Russia and China for the total period and during crisis period. In pre crisis period co- integration exits in Russia, India and China. However in the post crisis period the co integration seems to be lost.

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Need assessment, Pricing and Availability perceptions: A study of Cymbidium Orchids of Sikkim Himalayas

Sharma Bibeth* and Jha Ajeya

When customers rated attributes on importance when purchasing cymbidium orchids, the following attributes were important to all: flower/bloom quality, color, price, design, longevity, availability, fragrance, uniqueness and ease of care. Many of these attributes deal with sensory stimulation and influence the sale. Price can be a big deterrent. If it is too high, the customer will not buy the flowers. The customers felt the need of a combo gift pack along with cymbidium orchids. This suggestion shows arrangements can change the buying behavior of the customers. By increasing longevity, receivers are reminded of the gift giver for an extended period of time and are able to enjoy their gift longer resulting in greater appreciation for the gift and giver. The availability of the product (cymbidium orchids) locally is also a great factor in making the product a common gift giving product. Customers, majority of being in their late 30’s wanted a combo gift pack of cymbidium.

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Consumer’s perception towards Private Label Brands in Retail Stores

Hemantha Y.1* and Arun B. K.2

The retail scene is facing a change in the increase of private label brands in apparel segment. Many of the retailers are increasing the % of private label brands in their product portfolio as store brands which enhance the store image. It is gaining importance in the various retail stores across the country. The consumers too prefer private label brands because of relatively low price compared to national brands. This study is to understand the consumer’s perception towards private label brands of retail stores by reviewing the related literature and the pilot study pursued in Bangalore city. It helps us to understand the rudimentary aspects of consumer buying behaviour towards private label brands with special emphasis on apparel product.

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Informational Efficiency of Indian and Chinese Stock Market

Chaudhary Pankaj1 and Tripathi Vanita2*

This paper discusses the weak form efficiency of Indian and Chinese stock market. The data belongs to the two Indian stock market indices, SENSEX and NIFTY and two Chinese stock market indices, Shanghai composite index and Shenzhen composite index. The time span of the study is from July 2003 to June 2013 for all the indices. We apply the autocorrelation test, run test and GARCH family models to conduct the efficiency test for these two emerging economies stock market indices. On the basis of data analysis, we conclude that these two emerging stock markets are not weak form efficient. It means an investor can earn excess returns by observing the past information about the market because past affects the future return over some time period. The informational efficiency is the hallmark of the mature financial markets and it is suggested that efforts should be made to make these markets informational efficient.

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