Advances In Management

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Advances In Management

Vol. 8(6) June 2015

An Object Oriented Database for Information Management in Computer Integrated Manufacturing

Willow Charles

Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) seeks to automate both manufacturing and information within an organization. However, a number of CIM’s have been reported to have difficulty in integrating the information module. This research focuses on designing the manufacturing part-design database in an object-oriented (OO) manner for rapid retrieval and extensibility of the part information. The part database serves as the prime input to the manufacturing module which then determines the part quantities, part types for production, part routings and overall production volume. The OO database strictly follows the CORBA protocol and was tested with a miniature CIM. The results indicate that an OO database is crucial to integrating the information in a CIM given the fluctuating market demand for parts.

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