Advances In Management

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Advances In Management

Vol. 8(3) March 2015

The role of state: High speed rail development in China

Liu Rongfang

The rapid development of high speed rail (HSR) represents a feat few countries in the world could accomplish. The explosive growth of the HSR system has reconfigured Chinese geography in profound ways. It has not only propelled China into a leadership position in HSR development but also attracted global scrutiny in terms of the roles of the state, technological transfer and innovations, business models and investment returns in large infrastructural development. This manuscript identifies key factors that made the Chinese HSR network a success after an overview of high-speed rail development process in China.

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Increasing Dominance of F and O Trading in Indian Stock Market with reference to NSE

Yadav Richa

Derivatives are traded for a variety of reasons with hedging against risk in the spot market being the primary motive of investors to enter derivatives market. Other than hedgers, speculators and arbitrageurs also participate actively in derivatives market aiming to extract high returns from volatility in underlying value and differential prices in different markets. In this paper we have studied on business growth of F and O market, Benchmarked indices contracts and trading volume, Records achieved and participants wise trading in the F and O segment of NSE. Based on the study of the futures and options on NSE, we found that the products composition in derivatives segment has witnessed major change since its inception. The volume of option contract traded started growing rapidly in 2008 which is partly attributed to decrease in the contract taxes by government backed by high volume in option segment.

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Impact of Merger and Acquisition on Employee Profitability Pre and Post Merger Scenario

Saxena Chhavi Rani and Bhargava Indu

Indian banking industry is facing changes to cater the customer a larger range of services and products. The strategic choice of most banks has been Merger and Acquisition to enlarge their horizon of services and control and regulate the subsidiary as well. On recommendation of financial committees and as per RBI’s instructions the process of Mergers and Acquisition is increasing day by day. The financial perspective of banking has been studied a lot and compared as well many times. This study attempts to find the Employee profitability of the bank. Business per employee and profit per employee in both Pre and Post merger scenario in banking sector with special reference to State Bank of India was compared .The analysis was done on the basis of secondary data from RBI reports from 2007 to 2012.

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Customers Investment Attitude towards Mediclaim Policies: A Factor Analysis Approach

Joshi Ashima

Security has been a worldwide desire precisely from the earliest civilizations. This pursuit for security has led to the notion of insurance. Mediclaim is one of the most vital social security measures undertaken in the country. Based on primary data generated through direct contacts, the present paper is an endeavour to identify determinants of Mediclaim ownership in the country. This resulted into finding out what factors play very essential role in Mediclaim policies purchase. The result of the study is based on a field survey of 50 respondents by using purposive sampling technique. The measures were standardized through computation of reliability and validity tests. The study focuses on the factors which play a major role in investment behavior of consumers towards Mediclaim policies. Factor analysis was applied to identify the underlying factors. The findings of this study provide the individual perception about the insurance policies.

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A Study of Sales Promotion Mix on Customer Satisfaction with reference to Shopping Malls in Indore City

Ubeja Satnam Kour and Bedia D. D.

The retailing sector in India has undergone significant transformation in the past 15 years. The organized retail industry in India is to grow 20-30 per cent annually and would triple or four times in size by 2014. Retailing is gradually inching its way towards becoming the next boom industry. The customer satisfaction process is a complex phenomenon. The purchase of goods or services includes a number of factors that could affect each decision. Customer satisfaction is more complex and even more important for retailers today than in past. Mall intercept survey was conducted to study of sales promotion mix on customer satisfaction in shopping malls of Indore city. The sample included 200 active mall shoppers. The sales promotion mix on customer satisfaction was identified by a structure questionnaire and captured in 5 factors of sales promotion mix. These sales promotion mix factors were Lucky and Bumper offers, Frequent and Warranty Offers, Monetary and Quantity Benefit Offers, Gift and Exchange offers and Discount offers. The study will help the managers of shopping malls to understand the underlying sales promotion factors. Profiling customers by their choice of sales promotion mix provide more meaningful ways to identify and understand various customer segments and to target each segment with more focused marketing strategies.

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