Advances In Management

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Advances In Management

Vol. 8(9) September 2015

Penetration into New Market Segment – A Review

Sen Subhasis and Rajagopal Kannan

Market penetration has always been a vital challenge for the companies targeting a new segment. Samsung has outnumbered Nokia by introducing dual-sim technology and Android operating system in mobile-phones. Haldiram has been a dominant player in fast-food category in spite of the presence of McDonald’s, KFC, Domino’s in Indian Market. Sensodyne and Colgate Sensitive are the two brands struggling to make a mark in the midst of low-pricing oral care segment. Bajaj Scooters in India has experienced marketing myopia in spite of being a fast-mover in the two-wheeler segment. Keeping in view the problems faced by different sectors in the industry, a multiple qualitative case analysis has been done considering the innovative practice cases as previous knowledge. A site-ordered effects matrix model has been derived out of the cases about established market-players in the industry for finding out solutions to problems related to market penetration faced by the companies in FMCG, Automotive, Banking, Consumer Electronics, Real Estate, QSR segments.

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