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Corporate Identity Number of WRA licensed by Govt. of India: U80902MP2018NPL045871;
Income Tax PAN No. AACCW2124L; Niti Aayog Unique ID MP/2018/0209358
Donations to WRA are exempted under 80-G.

Wish you all Happy 2024. Our journals are open access journals and no fees is charged for acceptance and publication. Please adopt a tree by donating Rs. 7000/- for maintenance for 5 years for our 50000 trees plantation project.


• No publication charges
(Payments only for early publication).
• Rejection rate 40%.
• Publication one month ahead.
For example, the April 2024 issue will be published by us in last week of February 2024 online and so on.
• Many advantages to Fellow Members.

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World Researchers Associations is no-profit organisation for

1. Better environment to SAVE EARTH by creating barren land (Keshar hillock) into mini forest through plantation of 50,000 trees and preservation of this mini forest.
2. Cure of various diseases for poor people through naturopathy by treating them with various leaves, flowers and fruits of different trees.
3. Engaging people for Yoga and better meditation at mini forest.
4. Creating awareness about better environment amongst school and college going students.
5. Creating scientific awareness for better research in India by promoting research in various fields all over the world. In a complex and changing world, research is vital in our everyday lives and we will do our best to simplify research for common man. Around the world, we are educating future generations of young researchers to work for betterment of society and in making careers of young researchers. We will tie up with industry and academia, promoting collaboration and innovation. We will advise governments on policy for good cutting edge research in Universities and academic institutions and we will promote the talent, information and ideas that lead to great advances in world through research in science, technology, environment, management, health, humanities, disasters and so on.

• We are imparting education to school and college students regarding training, skill development for research activities and making them aware about preservation of environment and forests.

• We hope to plant 50,000 trees in next 18 months at Keshar Hillock (area 25 acres) situated at Mhow – Manpur road (old A.B. road) near Keshar Bardi Village. (Distance from Indore 40 Km.) to preserve environment.

• Only way to save earth is Huge Plantation.

• Plant at least 01 to any number of trees in memory of friends and relatives (Rs. 7000/- per plant towards maintenance and service). Natural Farming.

• We are curing poor people having various diseases through plants, flowers and vegetables.

• We are promoting Yoga and Meditation activities at this place.

• Corporate sector is requested to make donations under CSR for plantation, environment and research to serve the society.

Our World Researchers Associations is committed to promoting, publishing and supporting research throughout the world:

1. By publication of various journals in WRA group, various proceedings and special issues;

2. By organizing WRA Congress, seminars, conferences all over the world;

3. By promoting research in various fields;

4. By helping researchers in publication of their research papers in reputed journals of world by paying publication fees and by guiding them;

5. By providing books, chemicals, instruments etc. to needy researchers;

6. By contributing towards travel grants for presenting research papers in reputed international conferences;

7. By helping researchers in preparing their projects;

8. By organizing lectures of eminent personalities on various subjects;

9. By organizing philanthropic activities for promotion of research;

10. By popularizing awareness and communication towards research through international co-operation and understanding;

11. By providing common platform to academics and industry;

12. By recognizing good research in various fields through various national and international awards;

13. By providing information about latest research and also providing information about careers in Research;

14. By collaborating with other institutes, journals and organizations in promoting research and in publication of research work and in promoting conferences, seminars and workshops;

15. By establishing educational and research institutes in various disciplines;

16. By conferring fellow and annual memberships of World Researchers Associations to researchers and academicians.

Meritorious research students can also apply for travel grants or research projects or research assistance and our organization will be helpful for them because we collaborate for research with different countries of the world. Research students can also work for us.

We understand that the success depends on our ability to nurture the talent of the best people. We will try to shape the future for the benefit of society and humanity. We will connect people with knowledge by harnessing all of our information and expertise and making it easily accessible.