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Wish you all Happy 2024. Our journals are open access journals and no fees is charged for acceptance and publication. Please adopt a tree by donating Rs. 7000/- for maintenance for 5 years for our 50000 trees plantation project.


• No publication charges
(Payments only for early publication).
• Rejection rate 40%.
• Publication one month ahead.
For example, the April 2024 issue will be published by us in last week of February 2024 online and so on.
• Many advantages to Fellow Members.

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Being editor or member of editorial board of a journal is an excellent achievement for any academician or researcher. As we are adding more journals almost in all areas of knowledge, we invite your CV and research achievements along with your photograph. We expect that editor should be having a minimum qualification of Ph.D. from any reputed institute and he/she should have at least five research publications in last five years. Editors should also submit manuscripts to our journals as well for publication.

We prefer that while applying for membership of editorial board, one should be our fellow or annual member. It is not a fixed criteria and editors will be appointed by us totally on merit and research aptitude and interests. Editors will have to work for selecting good manuscripts for publication and they should work for promotion and benefits of World Researchers Associations. We will also recommend our editors for appointment of editors in other journals as well.

By becoming our editor one gets international recognition in academic world. One can review and edit manuscripts in the area of one's choice. One meets so many people through email. One can attend conferences on behalf of the journal and make a significant contribution there. If editor is submitting manuscripts to any of our journals, then editor is given priority in review as well as in publication. Editors also get a certificate that they are contributing their best for noble cause of research.

Certificate of editorship will be sent to you by email. One may be removed from membership of editorial board if he/she is not sincere in performing their duties and responsibilities.

Please fill up the requisite form for editorship online today itself (one can apply offline as well by downloading the form and completing it):

Name as in Passport

Select Your Photo (Passport Size Photo)

Date of Birth


Present Residence Address

Present Institute address


Mobile No.

Major Subjects of Research

Sub-Subjects of Research

List of Research Publications [e.g. 1. Adams W.J., Kimerle R.A. and Barnett J.W. Jr., Sediment quality and aquatic life assessment, Environ. Sci Technol., 26(10), 1864–1875 (1992)]

Select your CV (limit:10MB)