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Research Journal of Biotechnology

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Research Journal of Biotechnology

Dr. Jyoti Garg

Sector AG/80, Vijay Nagar,
A.B. Road, Indore, 452010,

1. Isolation of Lactiplantibacillus plantarum producing Extracellular Lipase from Dairy Products and Optimization of the Enzyme Production
- Ziyaee Mahdiye, Imanparast Somaye, Salimi Fatemeh and Jahandar Hoda

2. Identification of a dominant housekeeping genes to normalize mRNA level in dioecious Palmyra palm
- Suchilkumar Soorya, Thacheril Sukumaran Swapna, Senan Siju and Sabu Kalluvettankuzhy Krishnan Nair

3. Cultivation, Phytochemical screening and Antimicrobial analysis of caterpillar mushroom Cordyceps militaris and fruiting body
- Gupta Aanchal, Sharma Chandra Kant and Sharma Monika

4. Genomic Variants Driven Drug Repurposing for SARS-CoV-2 Using Bioinformatics-based Approach
- Sakthivel Jayaraj, Vignesh Sounderrajan, Sudhanarayani S. Rao, Thangam T. and Krupakar Parthasarathy

5. The Potential of Pseudomonad fluorescens Secondary Metabolites to inhibit Ralstonia solanacearum Bacterial Wilt Disease
- Wuryandari Yenny, Fuaidah Tu’nas and Suryaminarsih Penta

6. Haematological and Clinical Characterization of Chronic Myeloid Leukemia
- Shivani U., Shetty Reshma A., Shetty Vijith V., Krishna Rajesh and Shetty Prashanth D.

7. In silico analysis of putative hemolysin proteins in the genome of Vibrio alginolyticus ATCC 17749 and their structure prediction
- Vibhuti Raj Kamal, Kumar Yatin and Pramanik Avijit

8. Diversity of Fungal infections and Histopathological preparations of some economically important Fresh Water Fishes in Bhadra Reservoir Project, Karnataka, INDIA
- Prapthi U.B., Akarsh S., Somashekar D.S., Sowmya H.V. and Thippeswamy B.

9. Optimization of extraction of total flavonoid from leafs of Helicteres hirsuta Lour. based on bath ultrasound-assisted and testing some biological activities
- Long Dang Thanh, Le Van Thi My, Han Hoang Thi Ngoc, Hue Tong Thi and Hong Hoang Thi Kim

10. Variovorax soli mediated growth amelioration and abiotic stress alleviation in Capsicum annuum
- Maxton Ann and Masih Sam A.

11. Detrimental Effects of Lithium on in vitro Seedlings of Pea (Vigna radiata)
- Dilsha Davis and Narasimhan S.

12. Response surface methodology optimisation enhancing lactic acid production from Prosopis africana pods by Rhizopus oryzae
- Ahmed El-Imam Amina, Sanusi Mardhiyah A., Ighalo Eromosele, Oke Mushafau A. and Omojasola Patricia F.

13. Impact of feed on the yield of Litopenaeus vannamei and Macrobrachium rosenbergii prawn culture from West Godavari district, Andhra Pradesh, India
- Sravanthi B., Lalitha Ch. and Lakshmi V.

14. Salicylic acid improving physiological and phytochemical changes in Stevia rebaudiana under salt stress and estimating steviol glycoside by LC-MS/MS
- Dhankot Zahabiya and Sanghvi Gaurav

Review Papers

15. Biological Potential of Ethyl Gallate
- Muddu Krihna C., Jayaprakash N.K., Asha S. and Sravan Kumar Reddy T.

16. Phytochemicals and Phytotherapeutic Studies on Different Parts of Aegle marmelos: A Critical Overview
- Murti Yogesh and Agrawal Krishn Kumar