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Research Journal of Biotechnology

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Research Journal of Biotechnology

Dr. Jyoti Garg

Sector AG/80, Vijay Nagar,
A.B. Road, Indore, 452010,

1. Molecular Identification and Phylogenetic Study of a Novel Pravastatin-producing Fungal Strain
- Seydametova E. and Zainol N.

2. Effect of plant derived epinephrine on Saccharomyces cerevisiae
- Menon Sandhya, Pius Jessy, Palekar Sachin and G. Nandini

3. Optimization of pCMV3-Nog-C-GFPSpark Electro-transfection in MCF-7, a Breast Cancer Cell Line
- Aghvami Tehrani Azadeh, Latifi-Navid Saeid, Zahri Saber and Sagha Mohsen

4. Deciphering the Amendment-Induced Secretion of Ligninolytic Enzymes by Pleurotus pulmonarius
- Thiribhuvanamala G., Parthasarathy S. and Ahiladevi P.

5. Carbohydrate-binding specificity of concanavalin lectin from Canavalia spp.
- Suvarna Geetha, Sharma Bhagya B. and Kandikere R. Sridhar

6. Evaluation of the probiotic potential of yeasts isolated from Indian fermented food items
- Aggarwal Sunita, Sen Aparajita, Rastogi Aayushi and Nigam Arti

7. Synergistic Apoptotic Effect of Naringenin on enhancing the Anti-Glioma Efficacy of Temozolomide in an in vitro Experimental Model
- Daisy Precilla S., Shreyas S. Kuduvalli, Sathish R. and Anitha T.S.

8. Computational Atom-based Three-Dimensional Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationship (3D QSAR) Model for Predicting Anti-Dengue Agents
- Khalid Ali Qusay, Avupati Vasudeva Rao, Hussain Husniza and Zaidan Tabarek Najeeb

9. Diagnostic accuracy of NMP-52, NMP-22 and urine cytology in the diagnosis of bladder cancer
- Saadh Mohamed J.

10. Process conditions optimization and study of pH and thermal stability of free and immobilized gutaminase-free recombinant L-asparaginase II of Pactobacterium carotovorum MTCC 1428 from Escherichia coli
- Goswami Rachna, Mishra Vijay Kumar and Dasu Veeranki Venkata

11. Atom based Profiling and Functional Enrichment analysis of Aquaporins
- Johri Parul, Trivedi Mala and Singh Sujeet Pratap

12. Molecular cloning and characterization of NAD+ dependent isocitrate dehydrogenase enzyme from Shewanella putrefaciens
- Akbas Fahri, Demirel Metin, Ozaydin Ahmet and Selek Sahabettin

13. Risk of respiratory viral infections after hematopoietic stem cell transplantation in Indian patients
- Jethani Jyoti, Samad Sameer, Kumar Prashant and Dar Lalit

14. Antifungal activity of rare actinobacterium isolated from forest soil
- Sasidhar Muralidharan, Masilamani Selvam, Baskaran Abirami, Kaari Manigundan and Manikkam Radhakrishnan

15. Phytochemical characterization of Caraway (Carum carvi) seed extract and its use as a potent medicinal agent
- Chauhan Vivek, Devi Sunita, Sharma Sonaxi and Kanwar Shamsher S.

16. Decolorization of mixture of UV/ TiO2 pre-treated azo dyes by using developed bacterial consortium – An excellent outcome
- Shoa Shamsi, Bibi Fathima S.G., Sangeetha K., Niveditha S. and Venkata Krishna Bayineni

17. Biomedical applications of fish gut associated Streptomyces maritimus IM20 isolated from Rastrelliger kanagurta (Indian mackerel)
- Vignesh Angamuthu, Gopikrishnan Venugopal, Anbarasu Sivaraj, Radhakrishnan Manikkam and Jerrine Joseph

18. The genetic diversity of the Vietnamese H’mong dog breed based on mitochondrial HV1 analysis
- Thanh Hai Pham, Xuan Phuong Bui, Huu Coi Tran, Quang Duc Ngo and Dinh Duy Vu

19. Optimization of lipid accumulation in Pleurastrum insigne for biodiesel production
- Chhandama Van Lal Michael and Satyan Belur Kumudini

Review Papers

20. A review on fatty liver disease or non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and hepatocellular carcinoma
- Toman Daniel, Vavra Petr, Jelinek Petr, Ostruszka Petr, Ihnat Peter, Foltys Ales and Roman Jan

21. Technological tools and Biosensors for detection and diagnosis of COVID-19
- Pooja More

22. Variations in Nucleosome Structure and Organization among Eukaryotes
- Sinha Shruti and Chaitanya K.V.

23. Virophage: The hijacker of my hijacker is my friend
- Kharisma Viol Dhea, Jatmiko Yoga Dwi, Ansori Arif Nur Muhammad, Wicaksono Adhityo and Mustafa Irfan

24. A critical review on predicting drug-drug reactions using machine learning techniques
- Saran Kumar A. and Rekha R.

25. Insights into pathophysiology, immune response and treatment of novel CoVID-19
- Kaur Manpreet, Kaur Rajinder and Gupta Reena

26. Caenorhabditis elegans: A promising contrivance to study neurotoxicity and oxidative stress
- Singh Kiran and Yadav Shweta