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Research Journal of Biotechnology

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Research Journal of Biotechnology

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S.N.Title of MenuScriptDateAuthor Name
1Electricity generation and sulfate removal in the novel model of ceramic microbial fuel cell (CMFC) with a laccase-based cathode8/22/2018 12:05:02 AMChaijak Pimprapa
2Antibiotic drugs sensitivity pattern of Klebsiella pneumonia isolated From Neonatal Blood samples and Impact of over use and misuse Of Antimicrobial agents.8/24/2018 7:50:14 PMPATIDAR MANISH
3Determination of Sample size and Sampling methods an Overview8/29/2018 9:36:24 AMT S Nanjundeswaraswamy
4Coliform Detection in Foods Using Paper-Based Culture Device8/29/2018 6:49:07 PMLokur Anushree
6Types of CRISPR Cas Systems and its use as Anti-viral Strategy against Human Viruses9/13/2018 1:32:59 PMMehran Akhtar, Shah Rukh Khan, Mudassir Khan, Tazkira Jamal, Hina Jamal, Sumbal Sardar, Afshan, Zia Alam, Muhammad Saleh, Yasir Anwar, Fazal Jalil
7Risk Assessment of Twister 5EC Insecticide by Using Allium and Ames Test10/5/2018 1:19:33 PMDilek AKYIL
8Development of efficient consortium from indigenous lipolytic bacteria for Bio-Remediation of restaurant waste water10/8/2018 1:28:07 PMV.P. Sutar , J.V. Kurhekar
9Microbial diversity and existing Dehalococcoides in VOC-contaminated groundwater in Thailand10/10/2018 2:39:55 PMMilintawisamai Nipa
10Effects of metals and soil characteristics on the bioluminescence activity of a bioreporter strain used for biomonitoring toluene analog pollutants10/12/2018 7:49:04 AMIn Chul Kong
11Evaluation of Culture requirements for Biocellulose production by Egyptian local isolate alongside Reference strain Gluconacetobacter hansenii ATCC 2376910/12/2018 1:27:22 PMAyman F. Ahmed, Ahmed K. Saleh, Nadia A. Soliman, Maha M. Ibrahim, Nashwa A. El-Shinnawy and Yasser R. Abdel-Fattah
12An efficient method for rapid genomic DNA extraction from tuberose10/12/2018 1:36:03 PMQasim ALI, Ibrahim Bala SALISU, Muhammad Saleem Akhtar KHAN, Naveed AHMAD, Ahmad Ali SHAHID
13Antibacterial activity of Fomitopsis betulina (Bull.) B.K. Cui, M.L. Han and Y.C. Dai cultural liquid10/13/2018 1:10:41 PMKrupodorova Tetiana, Barshteyn Victor* , Kizitska Tetiana and Pokas Elena
14Population genetic structure analysis of the root maggot, Bradysia odoriphaga (Diptera: Sciaridae) based on COI markers10/21/2018 3:36:57 PMWenxiang Li, Juan Lv, Haixia Yan, Wen Xie, Qingjun Wu, Shaoli Wang, Baoyun Xu, Guoshu Wei and Youjun Zhang
15Diversity and Distribution of collembola (Insecta: Apterygota) from two distinct cultivated fields of coastal Medinipur, West Bengal. India10/21/2018 4:07:13 PMD. Pahari and P. K. Samanta
16Detection of serious clinical amebic dysentery cases in the middle Euphrates region of Iraq10/22/2018 1:54:32 PMHadi Fadhil Alyasari, Haider Obais Hashim, Alaa Hamady Obeid Altaei, Mohammed Baqur S. Al-Shuhaib
18Bioethanol production by sub merged fermentation from carob pod extract by using Saccharomyces sps10/23/2018 1:52:02 PMPoonam Bindal and Vishwanatha T
19Agrobacterium-mediated ß-glucuronidase gene transformation in Espand10/23/2018 2:13:34 PMHiva Mohammad Nejhad, Hedayat Bagheri, Aso Nobakht Vakili
21Bacteria of the rizosphere of Jatropha curcas degrades aromatic hydrocarbons and promotes growth in Zea mays10/26/2018 3:23:55 AMArnoldo Wong Villarreal
22ISOLATION AND IDENTIFICATION OF SQUALENE FROM A MANGROVE PLANT RHIZOPHORA MUCRONATA10/26/2018 1:29:49 PMThirunavukkarasu P., S. Asha, T. Ramanathan, N.Sudhakar, Rajeswari Hari
23Biosynthesis of silver nanoparticles from various Microbial and Green resources-A Review10/27/2018 2:07:33 PMShrivastava J.N
24Morphological, genetic and virulence diversity of Rhizoctonia solani isolates from different rice growing regions of Southern India10/29/2018 6:03:00 PMNagaraj B. T., Gururaj Sunkad, Pramesh D.*, Manjunath K. Naik, Mahanthesh B. Patil, Manoj K. Yadav and Naveenkumar B. Patil
25Study of Enterococcus faecium strain LF3(1) as potential probiotics for Cyprinus carpio to prevent Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection10/31/2018 4:33:07 PMSingh Rahul
26Genetic relationship and diversity of Taif-roses plant by using three different types of molecular markers11/1/2018 2:30:30 PMSaqer S. Alotaibi, Mohamed M. Hassan, Ahmed Gaber and Bandar S. Aljuaid
27Few species of cockroaches in Saudi Arabia? The influence of environmental factors on Blattella germanica and Periplaneta americana population dynamics11/3/2018 8:24:26 PMAl Thabiani Aziz, Naimah A Alanazi, Chellasamy Panneerselvam, Mohammed Ali Alshehri
28Optimization of spacing and refuge strategy for improved Cr1Ac expression level in Bt cotton plant11/5/2018 4:26:03 PMMasih Sam A
29Role of Nitrate and Phosphate in the Abundance and Seasonal Changes of the Collembolan Fauna in Sugarcane Cultivated Fields: A Case Study of East Midnapore District of West Bengal, India.11/6/2018 11:57:52 AMSamanta, Pijus Kanti
30Investigation of the producibility of the mannanase and phytase enzymes by Brevibacillus brevis (P14) and Brevibacillus borstelensis (P15) in the same conditions11/9/2018 12:20:26 AMAdiguzel Ahmet
31Role of various signaling pathways for glycerol synthesis in appessoria of Magnaporthe oryzae under Climate Change Scenario11/10/2018 12:13:38 PML. S. Rajput, Taru Sharma, P. Madhusudhan, Sanjeev Kumar and P. Sinha
32Comparison of Chelating Agent and Chemical Fertilizer on Enhancing the Uptake of Cadmium by Sunflower.11/10/2018 12:29:15 PMMir Zahoor Ahmad and Bharose Ram
33Assessment of probiotic attributes of Enterococcus lactis Dh2 and Enterococcus lactis AP4 isolated from traditional fermented foods11/10/2018 12:54:53 PMManisha Chandel Nivedita Sharma and Ranjana Sharma
34Effect of High Hydrostatic Pressure Treatment on the Microbial Contamination and on some Chemical and Physical Properties of Minced Chicken11/12/2018 7:49:12 PMSiddig H. Hamad, Salah M. Aleid and Fahad M. Aljasass