Research Journal of Chemistry and Environment

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Research Journal of Chemistry and Environment

UGC Approved Journal
(Important for Indian Authors):
Research Journal of Chemistry and Environment

Dr. Jyoti Garg

Sector AG/80, Vijay Nagar,
A.B. Road, Indore, 452010,

Vol. 27(10) October 2023
(Available online 15th September, 2023)

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Research Papers

1. Development and In silico ADMET Analysis of Novel Flavonoids Derivatives as Potent, Non-Competitive and Selective PTP1B Inhibitors
- Faiad Eman and Alchab Faten

2. Estimation of Physicochemical Properties in the Estuarine Water of Mithbav Tidal Mud Flats (Downstream Part), Coastal Maharashtra
- Sapkale J.B., Jamadar T.R., Sapkale S.J. and Shinde G.S.

3. Synthesis and Characterization of Cobalt- Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles via Microwave assisted Polyol Method
- Viju Kumar V.G., Sreeshma P. and Vidya V.G.

4. Bio-degradation of Azo dye by the Bacteria isolated from Textile Industry Effulent of Solapur district
- Lingappa K., Sindhe Ananda, Sneha Horti, Begum Nabeela and Ratkal Mahesh

5. Synthesis and characterization of Guargum Mandelic acid resin and its applications in industrial wastewater treatment
- Sankhla Manisha and Singh A.V.

6. Soil assessment for heavy metal contamination and potential ecological risks
- Garg Vijay Kumar, Srivastav Arun Lal, Tiwari M.K., Sharma Ajay and Kanwar Varinder Singh

7. An in-depth and in vitro evaluation of the antioxidant and neuroprotective activity of aqueous and ethanolic extract of Asparagus racemosus Linn seed
- Dubey Anubhav, Ghosh Niladry and Singh Ranjit

8. Qualitative and Quantitative Phytochemical Analysis of Retama raetam (forssk) Leaves
- Ghamiaa Abir, Oshah Zainab, Al Shak Asra and Elhefian Esam

9. Phytochemical profiling, antioxidant and antimicrobial activity of aerial parts (stem bark and aerial roots) of Ficus benghalensis L.
- Singh Preeti, Dhankhar Jyotika and Sharma Asha

10. Photocatalytic Degradation of Eriochrome Black-T Dye by Immobilized Dowex-1x8
- Yadav Lal Chand, Jaimini H., Meena K., Meena R.C. and Meena S.L.

11. In silico docking studies of alpha-amylase inhibitors from the methanol extract of Aloe vera
- Karingula Naveen, Poreddy Guru Lakshmi, Dubey Akanksha and Sivaraman Jayanthi

12. Microbial mediated Synthesis and characterization of Ag Nanoparticles and its Synergistic impact on Actinobacterial, Anticancer and Antihelminthic activity
- Manoharan Gomathi, Kumarasamy Suresh and Ranganathan Muthusamy

13. Synthesis, Characterization and biological activity of some novel heterocyclic β-lactam/thiazol compounds derived from 4-phenyl-4,5-dihydrothiazol-2-yl-imino
- Prakash Ram, Singh R.B., Vishnoi R.K. and Srivastava K.

14. Biosorption of Crystal violet, Congo red and Methyl orange on Nephelium lappaceum stem-derived activated carbon and its composite with chitosan
- Abdul Samad Kamdod, Ektha V., Shika S. and Malladi V. Pavan Kumar

15. Allelopathic effects of stems extracts of Mimosa Hamata Willd.
- Singh Alok Kumar, Yadava R.N.*, Yadav Ritu and Shrivastava S.P.

Review Paper

16. Recent synthetic and biological aspects of 1, 4-dihydro pyridine derivatives
- Garapati Sushma, Lakkoju Babi, Vemulapalli Vandana and Redipalli Gowri Sankar